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Nonprofit Grant Program

  • Camp Alkulana

    Each spring and fall we send mailers to update our community about the work Camp Alkulana is doing to improve the lives of children and youth in the Richmond area. We work with our designer to create products that highlight stories, quotes, photos, and facts about our summer camp program and school-year programs.

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  • Dive Pirates Foundation

    We use a lot of brochures for ability expos and the diving industry trade show, it is our key collateral for recruiting recipients and new chapters so we will be redesigning it and need to print in the next few months. We are also needing more as we are sending a promotional packet to our past recipients asking them to share our brochures and their story to others in the disabled community to encourage more recipients.

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  • Mississippi Center for Re-Entry Used Case Study

    We need to create direct mailing that will open the minds of the community, and members of the legislation that will bolster re-entry efforts and programs to expand job opportunities, increase access to housing, permit registration to vote, provide mental health programs, and reduce probation time, to name a few. This grant will help us to share the stories of those who have been involved in the criminal justice system and how our reentry services helped them get reaccumulated back into society.

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  • Hanover Cares

    We use print marketing to share alcohol and drug abuse awareness and prevention messaging with you, families, businesses, faith-based organizations, schools, and community partners.

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  • Youth Sailing VA

    We use print and direct mail to reach underserved communities, to market our events, and help us raise funds to support scholarships and programming. We create flyers, marketing postcards, an annual fund letter, rack cards to promote programs and we are looking for a new partner to assist with our print needs. We hope to increase our capacity to stay connected with all the kids that come for a camp session with birthday cards and reminders to register the following year. The sky is the limit!

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  • Mental Health America of Arizona

    Our goal is to be able to provide these cards and additional printed materials to numerous business organizations, schools and community organizations throughout Arizona at no cost, to ensure that everyone has immediate access to information, to assist in a time of crisis.

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  • Global Smile Foundation

    One effective tool we have discovered is a hardcover photo book which includes stories of our patients that illustrate the transformation that surgery provides.

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  • Highland Chocolates

    To connect with those visiting our beautiful area, we print two-sided, full-color rack cards telling the story of our facility, our confections, and most importantly our amazing staff. These rack cards have our contact information, our address information, our website information, when in operation, and tour information.

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  • Deltaville Maritime Museum

    The majority of our mailings require not only a letter/envelope format but also return envelopes to accompany the original mailing. Additionally, we follow up with thank you letters for donations and ticket purchases, all of that require accompanying envelopes, paper, and cardstock use. We need large signage printed at least monthly throughout the year for these and other events, as well.

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  • CONNECT Christian Camp and Retreat Center

    Conquest Graphics has been a huge blessing as our printing partner for years. Their easy to use ordering portal, utilization of the best technology, quick online customer service and amazing sales reps have transformed how CONNECT Christian Camp utilizes print and direct mail.

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  • Christian Ruben Animal Rescue Project

    We use business cards, brochures, look books, info posters, photo cards/prints, fundraising promo prints etc. to market ourselves. We hope to add more direct mail with a budget. We are the ideal nonprofit to support with this grant because everything we do can be put on print.

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  • Science Museum of Western Virginia

    The Science Museum of Western Virginia currently utilizes print and direct mail to maximize our mission and community outreach. However, we aim to spread our mission and impact by upgrading our print efforts and increasing the information we distribute within our community.

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  • Jacobs Chance

    Jacob's Chance uses printing services for flyers / informational cards that are posted at area businesses and schools to help educate the community about our programs. We provide buddy ball athletics, fitness, outdoor adventures, enrichment programs, and socialization clubs for youth and young adults with developmental, intellectual, and/or physical disabilities ages 5-35.

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  • Arts Council of York County

    The Arts Council orders postcards for most or all of our arts events ranging from concerts to fundraising galas to gallery exhibits and receptions. We also print brochures for festivals, which serve the dual purpose of advertising the festival in advance and providing key information during the event.

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  • Growing Up Knowing

    GUK uses printed materials in primarily three ways. First, we provide printed packets for each program, regardless of format. Students receive a packet geared for their use in the session, and parents/caregivers receive a packet as well.

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  • The Garden State Film Festival Use Case Study

    Prior to the event, our printed programs are placed in local businesses, grocery stores and libraries for anyone to pick up and learn more before coming to the event. During the festival, we also provide all attendees with a printed program to showcase everything they need to know about the hundreds of films being premiered, in addition to the welcome letter, competition winners, featured honorees and local advertisements from sponsoring businesses.

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  • Chanco on the James

    We use print and direct mail to communicate with our parishes in the diocese. We solicit their financial support as well as mailing packets of brochures and flyers that we request they share with their congregation. We plan to continue to use print and direct mail in the ways mentioned above and any additional ways our marketing and development team finds helpful to our mission.

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    We presently use printed materials for table events within the community ranging from information booths informing the public of community programs to educational outreach initiatives delivered by our youth engagement coordinator. Print plays a heavy roll because our intent to access the greatest levels of our community.

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  • Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland Co

    The Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County has a robust Marketing Department that actively uses print media as a primary source of information. Our organization utilizes print media to promote arts education, circulate information about our grant-making processes, and keep our constituents informed about our special events. The Arts Council also uses print media to assure that artists and nonprofit organizations receive timely notice about regular opportunities for funding that is made available by our agency.

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  • AAF Tank Museum

    As a family run Nonprofit Military Museum, the AAF Tank Museum uses print and direct mail to get the word out about our mission of collecting, displaying and preserving military history. We strive to preserve the memories of our fighting men and women, so that future generations will have available to them military history to learn from and explore.

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