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Nonprofit Grant Program

  • Growing Up Knowing

    GUK uses printed materials in primarily three ways. First, we provide printed packets for each program, regardless of format. Students receive a packet geared for their use in the session, and parents/caregivers receive a packet as well.

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  • The Garden State Film Festival Use Case Study

    Prior to the event, our printed programs are placed in local businesses, grocery stores and libraries for anyone to pick up and learn more before coming to the event. During the festival, we also provide all attendees with a printed program to showcase everything they need to know about the hundreds of films being premiered, in addition to the welcome letter, competition winners, featured honorees and local advertisements from sponsoring businesses.

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  • Chanco on the James

    We use print and direct mail to communicate with our parishes in the diocese. We solicit their financial support as well as mailing packets of brochures and flyers that we request they share with their congregation. We plan to continue to use print and direct mail in the ways mentioned above and any additional ways our marketing and development team finds helpful to our mission.

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    We presently use printed materials for table events within the community ranging from information booths informing the public of community programs to educational outreach initiatives delivered by our youth engagement coordinator. Print plays a heavy roll because our intent to access the greatest levels of our community.

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  • Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland Co

    The Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County has a robust Marketing Department that actively uses print media as a primary source of information. Our organization utilizes print media to promote arts education, circulate information about our grant-making processes, and keep our constituents informed about our special events. The Arts Council also uses print media to assure that artists and nonprofit organizations receive timely notice about regular opportunities for funding that is made available by our agency.

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  • AAF Tank Museum

    As a family run Nonprofit Military Museum, the AAF Tank Museum uses print and direct mail to get the word out about our mission of collecting, displaying and preserving military history. We strive to preserve the memories of our fighting men and women, so that future generations will have available to them military history to learn from and explore.

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  • Angel City Sport

    To summarize, print and direct mail helps promote the valuable message and great work our organization does because it will reach every household and give a very positive and energetic view on disability. Our print & direct mail will have kids, adults and veterans smiling and connecting with others all while being physically active. Once people see the advantages and the love in these photos, accompanied by digestible information regarding our services, their perception and limitations will be totally different and they will realize the potential and opportunities involving adaptive sports and therefore Angel City Sports are tremendous.

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  • Lake Lundgren Bible Camp

    Where our marketing and print needs come into play is simply a way to educate people about the options that are here for them to experience. On an annual basis we currently send out 3 printed brochures that outline our programs and show potential attendees what the benefits of time away at camp can be.

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  • Children

    Print materials are a big part of our marketing strategies at the Children’s Museum of Richmond. We use brochures at all of our public events, as well as throughout the Museum to advertise our programming and events, such as special nights for children with disabilities, field trips, and other special events. We print Impact Reports each year, which showcase our accomplishments and statistics to stakeholders and the public

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  • Bristol Valley Theater LOGO

    As a non-profit theater based in a small town, print and direct mail are often our best tools for spreading the word about our upcoming productions.

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  • Lake Blaine Baptist Bible Camp

    One of the main purposes of our print and mailing materials is to get the word out to those that might be interested. The camp tends to sell itself once people experience it, but the challenge is getting connected with potential campers that have never heard of us.

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  • Altomons

    Each year, Alta Mons publishes an Impact Report. This 12 page document full of photos and detailed descriptions of our ministry attempts to tell our story of the past year and of our ministry.

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  • Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.

    We have an online presence for both publications. But they do not result in the interest that people have when they are handed copies of the printed magazines. Aside from editorial about our artists, we have benefitted from advertisements that boost our annual income

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