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Brochure Printing

  • Full color printing
  • Glossy and velvet stocks available
  • Multiple size options
  • Quick-Ship eligible
Brochure printing with Conquest Graphics

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With over 100 years in the business, Conquest Graphics has the experience to complete your job perfectly.

Our brochures offer the following:

  • Thicker, high-quality Preferred Stock
  • Eco-friendly printing on recycled content paper
  • A variety of standard brochure size options as well as custom options to fit your exact goals
  • A variety of 2-panel, 3-panel, and 4-panel folded brochure options
  • Direct mail brochure services available
  • Rush turnaround available
  • Digital printing available for short-runs or unique per-brochure content with Variable Data

Brochures are single sheet documents usually printed in a full color (CMYK) offset printing process, unless digital printing is desired/warranted. Brochures promote your company’s products and services, letting the reader know what you can do for them in a concise, appealing manner. It also represents your business when you are not there, so it should be as professional looking as possible and should present the messages you would otherwise convey in person.

The three industry-standard final (after trimming) sheet sizes offered are 8-1/2 x 11", 8-1/2 x 14", and 11 x 17". When combined with our Preferred Stock paper, these are the best overall value for a typical business need. We can also produce custom sizing, unique folding patterns, special spot colors, paper coatings, die cutting, and mailing services as well.

Quality of production is very important to us at Conquest Graphics. Getting a quality product at a good value should be your top priority. Our company has invested heavily in the best machinery, software, and efficiencies possible. We also have world-class staff dedicated to your success throughout the production process... and they are happy to help.

Folding can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it. Conquest Graphics offers all of the most common fold configurations. These include: half fold; tri-fold; z-fold; gate fold; half and then half fold; half and then tri-fold; tri-fold and then half fold; and of course the simplest – no fold.

If you have specialized requirements, please let us know before completing your order so we can ensure your job comes out the way you need it to.

Folding Options

* Not all fold options are available on all size/paper configurations.

To help guide you with your brochure design, take advantage of a free brochure design template! Just choose your desired brochure size and fold below to download a template that includes the proper bleed, trim area, margins, and panel dimensions.

Templates You can view the templates for all of our products by going to Templates Page . Please confirm your art has the appropriate bleeds and column spacing, for folding and cutting, before uploading files.

With direct mail being the leading marketing channel, direct mail brochures and folded self-mailers are popular choices for many marketers. These affordable and versatile direct mailers are the perfect product for delivering detailed information about your brand and what your brand has to offer.

Direct mail brochures are ideal for:

  • Generating new business
  • Introducing your business
  • Delivering information about challenges your product or service solves
  • Offering deals and promoting special sales

Popular Brochure Mailing Services:

Below are some of the most popular brochure mailing services that successful companies take advantage of. We also offer a wide range of other direct mail marketing services you can check out by visiting our direct mail services page.

Direct Mail Trifold Brochure
  • Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM: Deliver your brochures to every address on a chosen mailing route to get the word out about your brand in a specific area.
  • Custom Mailing Lists: Send your direct mail brochures using a custom consumer or business list based on household size, income, sales volume, industry, and more.
  • Proximity Mailing: Send your most successful customers’ neighbors a brochure promoting all your company has to offer to build strong brand awareness in a community.
  • Propensity Mailing: Mail your brochures to individuals who are in-market and interested in your company's specific product or service.

Direct Mail Brochure Mailing Rates:

When it comes to mailing brochures, you will either need to insert them into an envelope or mail them as folded self-mailers. Folded self-mailers will be your cheapest option as you do not need to purchase envelopes.

When it comes to postage for your direct mail brochures, certain quantities and sizes qualify for Bulk Mail postage discounts.

For bulk mail discounted postage rates, the 3 most common mailing methods are Standard Mail (Marketing Mail), First-Class Mail, and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

First Class Mail is cheaper than single-piece mailings but is the more expensive of the bulk mailing options. This is because it’s viewed by the USPS as the most important mail. The upside, however, is because it’s viewed as the most important type of mail, it’s delivered the fastest. To qualify for First Class Mail, you must mail at least 500 brochures.

Flat or Folded Brochure Mailers

Standard Mail, also referred to as Marketing Mail, can be taken advantage of when you’re mailing at least 200 brochures. This bulk mail option is much cheaper than First Class Mail but as a longer delivery time, so make sure to plan for a few extra days when preparing your brochure mailing project.

EDDM is the cheapest bulk mail option, however, when mailing your brochures using EDDM, your brochures will be mailed to every address on a chosen mailing route, so if you’re looking to target a specific demographic EDDM may not be the best option. Also, keep in mind that only certain types of brochures qualify for Every Door Direct mail. For more information on the types of direct mail that qualify for EDDM, check out our EDDM product page.

Brochure Mailing Services Include:

Our in-house mail center is fully equipped with the necessities you need for mailing brochures as soon as they are printed. Our direct mail experts can help you on choosing the best delivery method for mailing your brochures, and because we have multiple mail centers across the US, we’ll make sure your brochures are printed and mailed from the best facility to ensure your brochures are delivered quickly and on time.

Here are a few things included with our brochure mailing services:

  • Mailing list cleansing and de-duping
  • Presorting, CASS certification, and intelligent Mail Barcoding for the lowest possible postage rates
  • NCOA processing
  • Complete ink-jetting and addressing capabilities
  • Direct mail brochures can be addressed as they are printed for faster results and fewer handling steps
  • Custom mailing lists available
  • Tabbing for each brochure

Brochure Mailing Tips:

Tip 1: Design your brochure using one of our brochure design templates to ensure that your brochure is printed perfectly for mailing.

Tip 2: Add images, contrast, large text, and other eye-catching design elements to enhance your brochure message.

Tip 3: If your direct mail brochure message doesn’t include private messaging, opt for a folded self-mailer rather than inserting your brochures into envelopes. This will ensure your message grabs your recipients’ attention as soon as they open their mailboxes.

For more information, please refer to our mailing services page or contact our direct mail experts at 804-591-3352.

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