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Hanover Cares

Hanover Cares is dedicated to eliminating the use of alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs among Hanover County youth, through education and community collaboration. We are a grant funded 501 c(3) organization that is responsible for community outreach and marketing.

We use print marketing to share alcohol and drug abuse awareness and prevention messaging with you, families, businesses, faith-based organizations, schools, and community partners.

Hanover Cares 

Our nonprofit will use print mail to have posters developed with prevention education messaging, resource cards to share ways families and community can access prevention, treatment, and recovery resources, provide literacy information to community, school, and athletic youth groups, and distributing information about harms of marijuana use. Our organization also has a youth coalition, called Teens Care Too, that provides peer-to-peer education and support around youth substance use prevention. This group also engages the community and middle and high school youth across Hanover County by sharing messaging on multiple social media platforms about alcohol, marijuana, and vaping education. They are a dedicated group of youth leaders who are passionate about educating their community of peers. They create graphics to be printed on posters, yard signs, flyers, and letterhead to do outreach to their legislators.

Hanover Cares is comprised of community members who care about protecting youth in our community, and educating them on reasons to stay substance free. The coalition supports youth in coordinating outreach for those marketing strategies mentioned. The coalition shares print marketing materials at schools, churches, local businesses, local government, law enforcement agencies, local events, with parent groups, recovery centers, treatment centers, and local news media stations. We have been grant funded for six years, and have been able to enhance our marketing strategies through consistent print media marketing. We have been able to print a variety of materials to reach our community and varying populations across Hanover County and the Town of Ashland. This has included flyers, yard signs, posters, resource cards, banners at little league baseball fields, funeral home resources for loved ones with left over medications, calendars for schools and families to get prevention education messaging while maintaining their child's school calendar, conversation jars with conversation starters for families to engage and connect with one another, and other outreach supporting prevention, treatment, and recovery support.

Conquest Graphics has been a valuable asset in our print marketing strategies. Being a 100% grant funded organization with a limited budget and limited allocation for things like print media help our organization to thrive, grow, and continue reaching our community. Our community is impacted by the print resource materials that our coalition can provide. We have distributed over 20,000 resource cards across our community and helped families learn how to save lives from addiction and help prevent their children from using drugs and alcohol at an early onset. Continued grant support from Conquest Graphics would help us in our new fiscal year to print more resource materials, reach new families and students, and expand our branding with professionally printed materials. Our messaging is valuable to the community and your continued support would allow us to continue being a viable organization that the community receives print marketing materials from.

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