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Jacobs Chance

Jacob's Chance uses printing services for flyers / informational cards that are posted at area businesses and schools to help educate the community about our programs. We provide buddy ball athletics, fitness, outdoor adventures, enrichment programs, and socialization clubs for youth and young adults with developmental, intellectual, and/or physical disabilities ages 5-35. We use direct mail to promote our annual giving campaign and our large annual fundraiser Chips 4 A Chance (www.chips4achance.com). We realize that even though most transactional interchanges happen through social media there is still a place for printed information and direct mail in educating the community and particularly in outreach to low-income and at risk communities. We see print and direct mail as helping to spread the word to families who may not know what to search or where to search for programs like ours.

Jacob's Chance

In the case of an organizations like Jacob's Chance, a picture can take the place of 1000 words in telling the story and showing the impact our organization. Each year we work under the advisement of participants and parents/guardians to adapt programs, create new programs, and expand program offerings. With the launch of a new program, having a chance to update marketing materials a couple times a year will keep that information current and available to new families and individuals who may benefit. Seeing images of participants with all levels of ability engaging in programs like martial arts, fitness, rock wall climbing, rafting, kayaking, buddy ball (baseball soccer, flag football, intramural sports, tennis, basketball), photography and art classes, music and theatre classes, and our many social programs; tells the story of successes, celebrating diversity, promoting inclusion, and breaking down barriers.

Many times when a family contacts us about our program it is not through a google search but because they saw an event going on, spoke to another family, or picked up a marketing piece that caught their eye. We are open to creative solutions for outreach and advise on methods that will have the most impact in the most economical way.

We work diligently to provide our programs to anyone in need of them regardless of their ability to pay our minimal registration fees. To this end our biggest event of the year, Chips 4 A Chance, helps to raise funds to cover these subsidies. This event requires signage and labeling/promotion as well as a program that teaches participants on the strategies and how to play casino style games. We hope to expand the outreach for Chips through direct mail this year to promote it as a community event for all versus just marketing it to the families we already serve.

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