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Made in America.
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For most of our customers, it makes sense to purchase printed materials only from within the USA, but for some print buyers with very high volume jobs and complex distribution logistics, looking overseas is sometimes expected and may appear to offer better margins. When you buy American, the materials and labor are provided by American suppliers and American workers, who use the latest technologies and are paid a fair wage for their labor. When you buy American, you help to keep our economy strong, and you show your support for American workers.

When you consider buying from Asia, or other countries, the first thing that you should ask is whether you’re getting the same product for your lower price.


For example, the proofing techniques used by some Asian firms may be outdated, and used only in third-world countries. Ozalid proofs, which are commonly used by Asian printers, require the use of ammonia, and are harmful to the environment.

Then there’s the delay–not to mention the risk–in shipping your valuable and time-sensitive goods across the Pacific Ocean and the North American continent.

Much of the old, outdated, and obsolete printing equipment from the US and Europe is sold to companies in Asia. The overall product quality from these antique machines is usually a far cry from products printed in America.

There’s also consideration to human rights: American workers are protected from exploitation by a variety of mechanisms not available to most workers in many other countries.

As a consumer, you have a choice. You can keep your hard-earned dollars here, or send them somewhere else.

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