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Commingling Mail
Commingled Direct Mail

Send Smaller, More Targeted Mailings For Less

Commingled Direct Mail

What is Commingled Direct Mail?

Commingled direct mail—also known as “direct mail commingling,” "commingling mail," “postcard commingling,” or “commingled postcards”—is a process that involves combining direct mail campaigns from multiple companies.

By combining these campaigns together, each marketing campaign runs independently but mails out altogether to meet USPS bulk mail discount minimums.

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Faster Turnarounds

Commingling direct mail speeds up the entire print and direct mail marketing process by combining multiple jobs together.

Smaller Quantities

With commingling mail, you can print and mail as few pieces as you’d like with the same speeds and low prices as a larger order.

Cheaper Rates

Commingle your small mailing with other companies so everything can be sent out as one large mailing with bulk mailing rates.

Better Marketing

Commingling allows you to connect with prospects and customers more often to build better brand awareness and sales.

How Does Commingling Direct Mail Work?

All you need to do is provide a design—or ask you printer about their design services—in the correct size. Then you choose your quantity and select or upload a mailing list. You then simply checkout and your direct mail pieces will be combined with other companies who are using the same product which allows for a much cheaper direct mail campaign.

For example, if you have 4 postcards to mail, it will cost much more than if you were mailing 400. So, when you combine your 4 postcards with other companies’ postcards that are of the same size and material, you can take advantage of much lower printing and postage rates.

Commingled Direct Mail Campaign Ideas

With commingled direct mail, you can send smaller quantities at a better price, affordably reach out to your audience more than once, and use marketing strategies that allow you to connect with prospects and customers in more effective ways, including:

  • Sending monthly birthday mailings
  • Reaching out to your customers’ neighbors
  • Retargeting your website visitors with direct mail
  • Sending direct mail from your CRM just as easily as an email
  • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Postcard designs must be uploaded in 6” x 9” PDFs and include 1/8” bleed and 1/8” margin.

Postcard designs must include a mailing information space on the back, bottom right corner that measures 4” x 2.25”.

To help you design your commingled postcard, click on the image below to download a 6x9 postcard design template. To use, simply place the template in a separate layer of you design platform and turn off or delete before exporting your design file.

6x9 postcard template

You can use direct mail commingling by simply using our self-service tool where you can choose your quantity, upload, or create a mailing list, and then upload your artwork.

Or there are other marketing solutions which take advantage of commingling when acceptable so you can always get the best price including:

  • Proximity Mailing: Reach out to your most successful customers' neighbors.
  • Direct Mail CRM Integration: Send direct mail as easily as an email right from your CRM or marketing automation platform.
  • Mailbox Retargeting: Bring your anonymous website visitors back through well-timed and relevant email and direct mail.
  • Propensity Mailing: Reach unknown prospects who are interested in what your company has to offer.

The more you print the cheaper the price per piece is especially when your materials can be printed on the same paper, size, product configuration, and machine as other jobs because your printer is able to run jobs without stopping and making modifications. Thus, saving them time and materials resulting in less money spent for them and you.

Bulk mail is cheaper than single-piece mailing because with single mailings you pay the full postage price. And with bulk mailings, your printer’s mailing center does the work of presorting and labeling providing less work for the post office and cheaper rates.

So, when you use commingled direct mail, you are using a product that other companies are using resulting in the ability to run your products with others for one large job saving your printer time and materials. And when your low quantity direct mailers are combined with other companies’ it creates one bulk mailing which in return you pay less for.

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