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Proximity Mailing
Proximity Mailing

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A "proximity" campaign allows you to easily target people near your existing customers or the people nearest to your business. Start your proximity campaign by inputting your starting point below!


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Looking for something more advanced, like something other than a postcard or using multiple starting points? We can help! contact us now.

Common Proximity Mailing Strategies

Proximity Mailing allows you to reach a certain audience surrounding your business or your ideal customer who has already benefited from your product or service. This is effective because many people prefer to shop local and those who surround each other have similar needs, income, age of homes, preferences and more. Your starting point address can be set in several ways to meet the needs of your marketing goals:

  • Your company's address to let residents know you are close by.
  • Your ideal customer’s address for spreading your message in a localized area.
  • Multiple addresses for reaching more than one targeted area.
Send your customer's neighbors a direct mail piece before they find your competitor.

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