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​Marketing Portals

Your Web-To-Print Portal helps you store, manage, customize and print from one central online location!

Provide 24/7 access to your marketing materials and let those whom you choose have the ability to customize, print and mail the materials. And, not only does Web-to-Print benefit those needing your printed materials, it makes the development and management of those materials easier, too.

CG Web-to-Print Solutions
  • Supports marketing needs of a large team
  • Enables new hires to create their own materials
  • Makes global changes easy
  • Provides on-demand print ordering
  • Easy phone number, address, or logo changes
  • Mailing to prospects and customers
  • Launching brand and campaign

Welcome to portals! Think of a portal as a personalized store tailored to the needs of you and your organization. They contain products that be accessed and customized by anyone you choose. You control/select which content is editable such as name and phone fields on a business card, and which will stay locked (like your logo and website name).

We would love to provide you with a personal tour of this system and its capabilities, We can do this over the phone, or using a remote-viewing session so you can see our computer screen and sit back and watch in real time while talking over the phone.

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New materials are developed in real-time with instantaneous online proofing that allows for fast printing and mailing without the hassles of using third-party staff/contractors/designers in multiple approval steps. You can use existing marketing materials (like a catalog or brochure) and make certain items editable, or the entire product.

From your side of the computer, it appears as if the user is logged on to an ordering page from your company, complete with your logos and hyperlinks to your marketing materials. What is happening though, is that the user is logged into our highly sophisticated ordering system and is accessing our design software that is directly connected to our printing presses and mail equipment! So you are bypassing most of the people and protocols that actually make things slower when done manually, and talking directly to the machines 24/7/365! This saves us all on time and money, so the savings can be passed on to you every time you order (or re-order) a print or mail job!

But don't worry, we still maintain a full staff of human customer service experts, programmers, digital media advisers, and sales staff who are available to you by telephone or live-chat on the computer during business hours.

Let our experienced graphic design and digital media experts create a customized portal experience for you today—start saving time and money!

Work smarter

There are many ways Web-to-Print works to your advantage. Consider a single address change today. You must identify every item using the address, complete Change Requests for each, arrange for resources, locate art files, enlist a designer to enter the changes, review the changes, prepare art files for printing, complete Print Requests, and review and approve print proofs. Updating many items due to one change can increase the risk of errors, consume valuable time, and incur high costs. However, with a Web-to-Print System, one entry can be automatically applied to all the items that use it.

Reduce costs

With a Web-to-Print System materials can be printed only as they’re needed. Without a Web-to-Print system, materials are printed in bulk and over-printing occurs. Stored materials become obsolete over time, and are often thrown away as new materials replace them. This is like throwing money away. Web-to-Print offers a more efficient materials management system. It can greatly reduce the workload of brand and marketing managers, sales directors, project managers, print buyers, graphic designers, prepress, and account managers.

Large or small, make changes quickly

What if all sales reps are to start including their photos on their business cards? You could have each rep send in their photo, have a designer adjust it to fit the layout, and prepare each item. Or, with Web-to-Print, representatives could upload and insert their photos on their own.

Updating versions of materials is time-consuming. When a company-wide project such as re-branding occurs all materials must be updated. A system that leverage automation saves time and money in both development and delivery.

Simple to use

The system’s interface is very intuitive. Most users find little to no need for training. Users are directed through process steps and controls are in place to help ensure that information is entered where needed, and done so correctly. Before preparing any item to print, an electronic proof is provided to the user for his or her review and approval. A second approval can be triggered so that materials printing at a certain quantity are reviewed by another for added assurance.

All the support you need

We will work with you to help construct the system that best serves your needs. Through analysis, we can help determine the existing materials suited for integration and offer recommendations for streamlining your processes. The strategic management of your materials is an important part of getting the most from this system, so we’ll help to unite and categorize your materials and their content for automation. We can show you how to manage the system, or we can provide full-service management of the system.

We will be glad to present the benefits of this system via one-on-one training or in group presentations.

As an industry leader pairing automated marketing processes with traditional and digital commercial printing, you can count on us for the professional results you require. We look forward to helping you discover how you can leverage this technology, accomplish more, work efficiently, and be more effective in your delivery and management of marketing communications.

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