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Nonprofit Grant Program

Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project

Our non-profit would benefit from your grant support immensely. Since we promote cat and dog rescue through film and photography everything is visual. We use business cards, brochures, look books, info posters, photo cards/prints, fundraising promo prints etc. to market ourselves. We hope to add more direct mail with a budget. We are the ideal nonprofit to support with this grant because everything we do can be put on print. All of our content is recorded/documented using only the best equipment so when its translated on print its commercial ready! This grant would allow us to add more printing to our cause which would help us gain more supporters. Having access to printing will show our supporters and potential supporters/sponsors how serious we take our content.

Christian Ruben Animal Rescue Project

With your grant i Film Heroes, The Rescue Cat & Dog Filmmaker, can grow on a larger scale making the impact we have dreamed of. We are the only non-profit in the world that advocates for rescue cats and dogs through creative film. We create the visual content needed to inspire and educate. Our mission is to spread cat and dog rescue awareness. Connecting our audience with the rescue films we create to inspire change within the animal rescue world. We promote cat and dog rescue by using our artistic creative talents to engage viewers and encourage them to volunteer, adopt, foster etc. Our concept is to be able to fund our own films by growing our social media audiences and give back to our community. Our end goal is to continue spreading awareness through our films and having our very own physical cat rescue venue. Your engagement with our mission would help create the opportunities we need to film more stories and help more dogs and cats find better homes.

Being a seasoned fashion portrait photographer who had substantial work in the field living in and around New York City, enabled me with an opportunity to extend my resume into the world of rescue cats & dogs. I wanted to create better images for those waiting desperately for a home in shelters. Instead, the idea transformed into storytelling short film style. After a few films I decided in order for us to create the content needed to help more homeless pets , I would have to learn how to film and edit everything on my own. I spent about a year mastering film and thankfully having the skills in photography made the transition achievable.

I am so proud of the films I have created since, because they come from a genuine heart , one that is passionate about rescue cat and dog advocacy and wants to be part of the change. Our social media platforms are all organically grown and we strive to keep our supporters engaged and enlightened by our stories. Our stories are created to inspire & educate the public on the relevance of getting involved with rescue & how they too can make a difference. Our stories have helped cancer treatment funding for a rescue dog in need as well as raise awareness on changing the law to a felony for sexual assault on dogs. We pride ourselves in using our artistic talent and creating a new lane for rescue advocacy in the rescue world.

We recently premiered our first ever Trap Neuter Release movie “Life of A Cat Trapper” on our YouTube channel. It supports the efforts by organizations and community members to keep the community cat population down. Our first published review was given 4 stars and we are so happy to also share that with you.

Click here to read the article and here to watch the movie.

We hope that you are inspired after learning more about our mission & would consider supporting our cause. Thank you!

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