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  • Tracking your mail is easy with Conquest Graphics.
    Originally Published May 04, 2017 | Updated Dec 23, 2019

    It may seem impossible to track the effectiveness of your print marketing but there are ways to track your print marketing and ad performance. Click to see how.

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  • mailing-catalogs
    Originally Published Dec 19, 2019 | Updated Dec 19, 2019

    We've taken a look at the different types of mailing list companies out there, but never before have we openly provided our suggestions for the best places around the web for purchasing direct mailing lists. That's why we've written this blog, and we hope you'll find our suggestions helpful in your search for the best direct mailing list provider out there.

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  • Portland_Main_Post_Office_-_USPS_Trucks_(25072110600)
    Originally Published Jan 14, 2016 | Updated Dec 02, 2019

    This week, you received a few advertisements in your mailbox each day. Some in envelopes, some postcards and others may have been in newspaper or coupon form. Think back to the mail that came in envelopes. They were probably white, longer than the other pieces of mail, and said.

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  • Creating a brochure for cheap is easier than it may sound.
    Originally Published Sep 17, 2018 | Updated Dec 02, 2019

    Marketing brochures are an absolutely essential part of any good marketing plan in the contemporary world. It’s easy to make an effective brochure when you have lots of money to spend, but here we help you make an effective marketing brochure on a tight budget.

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  • trade-shows
    Originally Published May 24, 2018 | Updated Dec 02, 2019

    Out of all the chaos and clamor of trade shows, some of the most important business opportunities can arise that will set you apart from your competitors and connect you with potential clients. In some cases, the amount of preparation required and indecisiveness over what marketing materials to utilize can paralyze expo invitees and cause them to forego the absolutely priceless and vital experience of attending these shows within their respective industry.

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  • planning-thumb
    Originally Published Nov 28, 2018 | Updated Nov 21, 2019

    Annual reports are the perfect medium for businesses and nonprofit organizations to make use of in their ongoing branding and brand development efforts. Their long-form style and data-heavy content provide the perfect opportunities for incorporating creative graphic elements that build on the pre-existing brand standards in new ways. Here are 10 specific tips that you can act on today to help increase the effectiveness of your annual reports for the coming year.

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  • web-to-print
    Originally Published Aug 15, 2017 | Updated Nov 14, 2019

    Web-to-print portals are one of the most exciting and unique services that we offer to our clients. These portals are custom built for you, and provide 24/7 access to your marketing materials and the ability to customize, print and mail through a personalized interface.

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  • revenue-increase
    Originally Published Jul 25, 2016 | Updated Nov 07, 2019

    Printed marketing materials are crucial in making a good impression. These printed pieces typically lead the way for the salesperson asking for an appointment, setting up a consultation or offering a quote. Branded print materials help communicate your overall marketing message, unify your brand and legitimize your offerings.

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  • fir-tree-1856343_1920
    Originally Published Oct 30, 2019 | Updated Oct 31, 2019

    Save big on metallic printing by going with printers that use metallic dry inks to produce their shimmery effects instead of using traditional, expensive foil stamping. Get free design files for basic holiday greeting cards that are pre-configured to correctly make use of metallic inks and spot coatings.

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  • Designer working attentively at his desk, likely designing an amazing poster using these tips to guide him.
    Originally Published Apr 13, 2017 | Updated Oct 29, 2019

    Sometimes, you don’t have the time or the money to hire a graphic designer to create artwork for your print project. Taking on the task of designing your own artwork can seem challenging, especially if you don’t have access to or experience with the Adobe Creative Suite. For simple projects like business cards or event flyers, there are plenty of free tools you can use to create effective marketing materials.

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  • What is Every Door Direct Mail?
    Originally Published Mar 31, 2016 | Updated Oct 24, 2019

    EDDM is a bulk mailing option offered by the United States Postal Service that allows your business to reach potential customers without knowing their address. Many businesses are nervous to get started with EDDM because of all the technicalities and rules that control what you can and can't do with your mailer. But we're here to help. Check out this week's blog to learn more about EDDM so you can get started today!

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  • mail-list-featured-image
    Originally Published Oct 16, 2019 | Updated Oct 17, 2019

    Find out how much you should be paying for direct mail lists, what factors impact the cost, and why it's better to pay more in some cases. Click to read more.

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