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  • web-to-print
    Originally Published Jul 02, 2019 | Updated Jul 10, 2019

    Web-to-print portals can help your organization prosper by simplifying the print purchasing experience. We have created a simple and efficient system that enhances overall productivity. Web-to-print portals can benefit your organization in a number of ways by combining technology and efficiency to help keep your print costs low.

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  • mail-truck-3248139_1920
    Originally Published Jul 01, 2019 | Updated Jul 01, 2019

    Utilizing the USPS’ Intelligent Mail® barcode technology, Conquest Graphics can now provide mailing customers with dynamic reports showing when their individual mailed pieces are arriving at their regional, state and even local post office destinations.

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  • business-cards-mockup
    Originally Published Jun 20, 2019 | Updated Jun 26, 2019

    Most nonprofits are diminutive in both budget and staff size. The way these groups decide to spend their organizational funds is ultimately a personal choice, however Conquest Graphics is pleased to offer a variety of cost-effective print products to help support community causes.

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  • print-specialist-consulting
    Originally Published Jun 13, 2019 | Updated Jun 14, 2019

    We'll guide you through the ways to get the most from a commercial printer and share things you should know when placing orders to achieve optimal efficiency. With these four tips, you'll be able to find shortcuts and improvements to your dealings with your commercial printer so you can save big and grow faster through print marketing.

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  • mauricio-santos-512974-unsplash
    Originally Published Jun 05, 2019 | Updated Jun 07, 2019

    Need guidance with your catalog printing and mailing? We'll guide you through the process to help make sure you get the most from your catalog printing efforts.

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  • business-featured-image
    Originally Published May 21, 2019 | Updated May 24, 2019

    Many people just use past experiences to guide their catalog marketing approach. Here, we share some best practices that will help turn your efforts into results.

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  • CMYK vs RGB
    Originally Published May 14, 2019 | Updated Jun 13, 2019

    We compare RGB vs CMYK and how it affects color perception, plus what you should know when it comes to refunds for differences between screen and paper.

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  • magazine-icon
    Originally Published Apr 30, 2019 | Updated May 24, 2019

    Read about the features of catalog marketing that make it a surprisingly powerful option that should be included in your marketing strategy.

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  • catalog-ideas-thumb
    Originally Published Apr 22, 2019 | Updated May 24, 2019

    There are a lot of ideas online for catalog marketing but not all ideas are created equal. Check out these simple catalog marketing ideas that actually get results.

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  • print-regrets-thumb
    Originally Published Apr 16, 2019 | Updated May 22, 2019

    When ordering commercial print for the first time, you can expect for there to be a few small hiccups in the first few orders. This is due to the fact that there is a certain set of knowledge a person must have to know how to place an order correctly and cheaply. In this blog, we took a look at four of the things print buyers say they regret not knowing most to hopefully prevent any other print-buyers from having to experience similar struggles.

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  • thumbnail
    Originally Published Apr 04, 2019 | Updated May 22, 2019

    Point of sale marketing is an underappreciated opportunity to leverage your store's POS system. When it comes to determining which variety of POS marketing your brand should use, how do you go about deciding? Read on to see what products you can use to get more from your POS.

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  • checklist-2589418_1920
    Originally Published Mar 28, 2019 | Updated May 06, 2019

    Are you thinking about starting or ramping up a catalog marketing campaign? Read this to see how to make a great catalog and how to track that catalog's success so you can get an idea of important stats that will make your catalog marketing profitable for years to come. Click to read about 20 advantages of using digital and print catalogs for marketing.

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