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  • Direct Mail Average Response Rate
    Originally Published Sep 23, 2022 | Updated Sep 29, 2022

    Take a look at how you can track your direct mail results, what the average response rate for direct mail is, and some tips you can follow to improve your direct mail response rate.

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  • Direct Mailer Template
    Originally Published Sep 29, 2022 | Updated Sep 29, 2022

    Here are free direct mail templates you can take advantage of to ensure your direct mail design follows the USPS guidelines.

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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Print Advertising
    Originally Published Sep 26, 2022 | Updated Sep 26, 2022

    Before you jump right into taking advantage of print advertising or dismiss it entirely, you’ll want to take a look at the pros and cons of print advertising so you can get a good understanding of what to expect.

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  • Use Direct Mail to Boost Digital Marketing Results
    Originally Published Sep 07, 2022 | Updated Sep 26, 2022

    Adding tangible, physical direct mail into your digital marketing strategy is the key to a successful digital marketing campaign and we have the details to prove it.

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  • What is a direct mail campaign? A guide for direct mail beginners.
    Originally Published Sep 13, 2022 | Updated Sep 13, 2022

    Direct mail is one of the most effective forms of marketing, and it continues to become more effective year after year making it important for marketers to begin taking advantage of it now. However, before you get started on direct mail, you’ll need to get a rundown on everything there is to know about a direct mail campaign.

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  • Print Marketing Statistics
    Originally Published Jun 16, 2022 | Updated Sep 02, 2022

    Print advertising is the most powerful way to market your message and we have 22 print marketing statistics that prove this is true.

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  • Designing A Promotional Calendar
    Originally Published Oct 01, 2015 | Updated Aug 31, 2022

    Promotional calendars are a very fun and versatile option for marketing strategies in every industry. It's important to keep your designs up to date as they are a reflection of your business. Find out more about promotional calendar designs by checking out this blog and purchase yours today.

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  • How to follow up on direct mail marketing.
    Originally Published Aug 30, 2022 | Updated Aug 30, 2022

    No matter how you take advantage of direct mail marketing, always make sure you’re optimizing your campaign through a seamless and effective follow-up strategy. Click through for a few strategies you can use to follow up on your direct mail advertisements.

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  • The Cost Of Direct Mail Advertising
    Originally Published Aug 17, 2022 | Updated Aug 17, 2022

    To understand how much a direct mail campaign will cost you, including the direct mail cost per piece, the postage costs, mailing list costs, and more, let’s take a look at all factors that will determine the cost of direct mail advertising.

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  • EDDM Mailing Routes
    Originally Published Aug 10, 2022 | Updated Aug 10, 2022

    Here is everything you need to know on planning and selecting your Every Door Direct Mail routes so you can market to the right audience for your business.

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  • PDF formatting is the best for printing.
    Originally Published Feb 15, 2017 | Updated Aug 09, 2022

    When working with digital files, understanding what the specific file formats are is vital. The files you send to your printer are the source files that are used to produce your printed project. The PDF file is easier for printers to process without the time and effort required to export a file and allows the client to quickly upload their files.

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  • Franchise Web-to-Print Portal
    Originally Published Aug 04, 2022 | Updated Aug 04, 2022

    Marketing Portals, or Web to Print Portals, allow franchises to maintain brand compliance effortlessly and affordably in a way that eases corporate efforts and supports each franchisee.

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