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  • Easy Catalog Design Tips
    Originally Published Dec 02, 2021 | Updated Dec 02, 2021

    It’s no secret that a well-designed catalog will help you reach optimal marketing success. From increased brand visibility to increased sales and every catalog benefit in between, follow these easy catalog design tips to generate maximum results.

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  • Supply chain challenges affecting the print industry in 2021.
    Originally Published Sep 28, 2021 | Updated Nov 29, 2021

    Effects on the supply chain have resulted in increased costs on major materials used by the printing industry in 2021. To understand why these pressures are affecting the supply chain, we need to look at where they began.

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  • Incorporating direct mail into your marketing funnel will increase your sales.
    Originally Published Nov 23, 2021 | Updated Nov 23, 2021

    With the tips and strategies on how to incorporate direct mail into your marketing funnel, you can start turning more prospects into loyal customers in no time.

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  • Catalog printing with Conquest
    Originally Published Oct 10, 2018 | Updated Nov 18, 2021

    Catalogs are one of the more complex products in the world of printing since there are many variables involved that weigh heavily on the end cost to customers. Commercial printers also offer mailing and other things that can have an influence on the end cost of a catalog print order. In this blog we break down the various cost components of a catalog print order.

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  • 6 Catalog Marketing Ideas
    Originally Published Nov 12, 2021 | Updated Nov 12, 2021

    Here are 6 unique catalog marketing ideas that go beyond your average product catalog to help you brainstorm your next catalog project today.

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  • checklist-2589418_1920
    Originally Published Mar 28, 2019 | Updated Nov 05, 2021

    Are you thinking about starting or ramping up a catalog marketing campaign? Read this to see how to make a great catalog and how to track that catalog's success so you can get an idea of important stats that will make your catalog marketing profitable for years to come. Click to read about 20 advantages of using digital and print catalogs for marketing.

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  • Increase conversions using Direct Mail CRM Integration.
    Originally Published Nov 03, 2021 | Updated Nov 03, 2021

    Direct Mail CRM Integration solves many problems, including increasing conversions and we have 5 examples and stats to prove that integrating direct mail into your CRM will result in more sales.

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  • Postcard Sizes, A Guide to The Dimensions.
    Originally Published Nov 01, 2021 | Updated Nov 01, 2021

    Each postcard size has its own purpose and has advantages and disadvantages compared to the other sizes, and it’s important to choose the right one for your marketing message.

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  • Recruitment Marketing
    Originally Published Oct 26, 2021 | Updated Oct 26, 2021

    Recruiting the right people for your business is easier said than done, and with more and more businesses searching for great applicants, you need a marketing strategy that makes your business stand out.

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  • Running an automated direct mail campaign is as easy as sending an email.
    Originally Published Oct 13, 2021 | Updated Oct 26, 2021

    Running an automated direct mail campaign is as easy as sending an email, plus it’s more effective than emails and other marketing efforts combined. Find out how you can run an automated direct mail campaign today!

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  • Guide to Digital Direct Mail Marketing.
    Originally Published Oct 25, 2021 | Updated Oct 25, 2021

    With digital direct mail, you can save so much more time by taking out the manual process and effortlessly and seamlessly sending direct mail as easily as an email.

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  • Direct Mail CRM Integration
    Originally Published Oct 21, 2021 | Updated Oct 21, 2021

    There is one CRM integration that can help with lead nurturing, generating more results, and is simply more effective compared to other integrations and marketing strategies in general. That integration would be Direct Mail CRM Integration, and we guarantee not only will it improve your direct mail strategy but it will also improve your overall marketing results.

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