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  • revenue-increase
    Originally Published Jul 25, 2016 | Updated Nov 07, 2019

    Printed marketing materials are crucial in making a good impression. These printed pieces typically lead the way for the salesperson asking for an appointment, setting up a consultation or offering a quote. Branded print materials help communicate your overall marketing message, unify your brand and legitimize your offerings.

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  • fir-tree-1856343_1920
    Originally Published Oct 30, 2019 | Updated Oct 31, 2019

    Save big on metallic printing by going with printers that use metallic dry inks to produce their shimmery effects instead of using traditional, expensive foil stamping. Get free design files for basic holiday greeting cards that are pre-configured to correctly make use of metallic inks and spot coatings.

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  • Designer working attentively at his desk, likely designing an amazing poster using these tips to guide him.
    Originally Published Apr 13, 2017 | Updated Oct 29, 2019

    Sometimes, you don’t have the time or the money to hire a graphic designer to create artwork for your print project. Taking on the task of designing your own artwork can seem challenging, especially if you don’t have access to or experience with the Adobe Creative Suite. For simple projects like business cards or event flyers, there are plenty of free tools you can use to create effective marketing materials.

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  • What is Every Door Direct Mail?
    Originally Published Mar 31, 2016 | Updated Oct 24, 2019

    EDDM is a bulk mailing option offered by the United States Postal Service that allows your business to reach potential customers without knowing their address. Many businesses are nervous to get started with EDDM because of all the technicalities and rules that control what you can and can't do with your mailer. But we're here to help. Check out this week's blog to learn more about EDDM so you can get started today!

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  • mail-list-featured-image
    Originally Published Oct 16, 2019 | Updated Oct 17, 2019

    Find out how much you should be paying for direct mail lists, what factors impact the cost, and why it's better to pay more in some cases. Click to read more.

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  • Stacked print catalogs.
    Originally Published Apr 11, 2018 | Updated Oct 11, 2019

    Are catalogs still relevant? Paper catalogs used to be the primary form of advertising for many retailers. The very word catalog likely brings to mind the inches-thick Sears mailers that filled mailboxes for decades. Some say printed catalogs are dying, but evidence proves this is a not the case for numerous reasons.

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  • Brochure printing with Conquest Graphics
    Originally Published Aug 16, 2018 | Updated Oct 11, 2019

    Use this half fold brochure template (with 11 inch x 8.5 inch, 14 inch x 8.5 inch, 17 inch x 11 inch and 25.5 inch x 11 inch dimensions) to quickly create a customized brochure design that’s ready to send to the printer. If you ever need to print half-fold brochures, Conquest Graphics has everything needed to ensure your prints are of the highest quality with the lowest prices.

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  • Printing business cards for new and inventive purposes is changing the future of this printed medium for the better.
    Originally Published Jan 31, 2019 | Updated Oct 11, 2019

    When you think of a business card, your first thought is probably of the traditional, contact info centered 3.5 inch x 2 inch design that pretty much all businesses are using in one form or another. But it's time to think outside of the box. This week, we highlight 12 of the most creative and innovative designs for business card sized products out there, along with some design elements to help you get started designing your own today.

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  • Money saving on printing equals cheap cheap happy bird.
    Originally Published Dec 21, 2015 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    Find out how much direct mail marketing will likely cost you based on several factors, plus learn secrets to keeping the costs as low as possible. Click to read now.

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  • Print and Digital Media need to work in perfect harmony for your brand
    Originally Published Nov 11, 2015 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    Historically, print shops have been local establishments serving local and regional communities. But, with the emergence of Online Printers, there’s a whole new realm of possibilities available to you that wasn't previously an option. Discounted pricing, shorter turnarounds and more personalization are just a few of the benefits.

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  • The first step to making effective, cheap brochures is knowing your customer and your product fully.
    Originally Published Oct 01, 2015 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    Brochures promote your company’s products and services, letting the reader know what you can do for them in a concise, appealing manner. It also represents your business when you are not there, so it should be as professional looking as possible and should present the messages you would otherwise convey in person.

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  • Catalog printing with Conquest
    Originally Published Oct 10, 2018 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    Catalogs are one of the more complex products in the world of printing since there are many variables involved that weigh heavily on the end cost to customers. Commercial printers also offer mailing and other things that can have an influence on the end cost of a catalog print order. In this blog we break down the various cost components of a catalog print order.

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