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Statement Insert Printing

  • Full color printing
  • Glossy and velvet stocks available
  • Multiple size options
  •  Personalize with variable data printing
Statement Inserts
  • Thicker, high-quality Preferred Stock, 80# or 100# glossy text paper
  • Eco-friendly printing on recycled content paper
  • Multiple size and folding options, including customized
  • Ideal for adding to content of envelopes such as bills, fundraising asks, sale ads, coupons, gift certificates, and notices
  • Rush turnaround and direct mailing services are available
  • Digital printing available for short-runs or unique per-piece content with Variable Data

Does your business mail monthly statements to your customers? Are you a doctor's office, utility company, financial service, or bank who mails regular statements out with payment coupons? Customers that are expecting their monthly statement always open their envelopes.

Statement inserts, also called "buck slips" may give your business a big boost in revenue. Mailing monthly statements costs money. Depending on the size of the mailing, it may even cost more than a typical letter. A great way to offset the cost of mailing statements each month is to convince the reader to buy additional services or products. Adding a statement stuffer or statement insert with your next statement to promote a discount on services may entice them to pick up the phone or visit your website. The best way to get them to do so is to add some type of free offer to the mailing.

You can also sell space or partner with others in your statement envelopes. Leverage the high open rates by selling statement stuffer printing, also known as statement insert printing, to the highest bidder. Statement stuffers can be colorful and attention-getting. Send them out for holidays and your recipients will actually look forward to receiving them. Statement insert printing can help the customer feel more connected to the business and they will be more likely to buy something. The point of statement stuffer printing is to catch the attention of the reader and not be thrown in the trash without looking at them.

Statement Stuffer TemplatesCheck out our Statement Inserts Templates page to ensure your art is created to the correct size and orientation for the desired end product. Please confirm your art has the appropriate bleeds and column spacing, for folding and cutting, before uploading files.

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