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Nonprofit Grant Program

Volunteers happy with their nonprofit's Catalog printed with Conquest Graphics

Helping You Help Others

The Challenge

It is so important for nonprofits to get their message out there so they can support all the wonderful things that they do for their community. And we understand that in today’s challenging circumstances, nonprofits and charities have been adversely affected in funding, resources and budgets. Yet, these organizations are fundamental to so many people and they need to communicate and promote their valuable causes, even during competitive and difficult times.

The Solution

We have developed our Nonprofit Grant Program as a way for us to support these wonderful organizations.

Our program includes year-round 10% printing discounts to all organizations who register. Along with filling out the application form, we ask that participants install a voting promo button and submit in 500 words to Nonprofits@ConquestGraphics.com, sharing how they use print and direct mail . We will be sharing these entries on our Nonprofit Partners Response Page . We also, every year, award nonprofits up to $30,000 in print grants! You can navigate to our 2021 voting form by clicking here.

Nonprofit Grant 

1. Submit Application

Fill out our Nonprofit Application Request for Discount and Registration in 2021 Grant Program below.

2. Write To Us

In at least 500 words, submit how your nonprofit uses print and direct mail to promote the wonderful things that they do.

3. Place a Link

Place our Conquest Graphics Partner Button on your website pointing to our NPO Response Page where voting takes place.

4. You're All Set!

Enjoy your 10% Nonprofit Discount and encourage supporters to vote until grants are awarded at the beginning of 2022.

The Terms

How do I apply for and use the Nonprofit Discount?

If your organization is an IRS-registered Nonprofit, like a 501(c)(3) for example, then complete the application form at the end of this page.

  1. We will send an email letting you know your application has been received.
  2. You will need to send in at least 500 words to Nonprofits@ConquestGraphics.com  sharing how your nonprofit uses print and direct mail which will be featured and used for voting on our Nonprofit Responses Page. All entries can be edited throughout the year if your organization wishes to do so by emailing your new entry response to Nonprofits@ConquestGraphics.com 
  3. After confirming your eligibility, we will send an email notifying you of your acceptance in the program.
  4. You will need to place a button on your website linking to our 2021 Nonprofit Responses Page  to encourage your supporters to view your nonprofit's response and vote. The voting form can be found by clicking the button on the bottom of each Nonprofit Response. A steering committee will also review responses which will play a big part in the voting process.
  5. You will be given a unique promotional code once you have placed the Nonprofit button on your website and submitted your response.
  6. Enter the code for each order placed through our online ordering system in the Promotional Code Box. You will automatically see the price reduction on your order.

Are there and limitations?

For both the 10% discount code and the awarded print grants, reasonable limitations apply. If Conquest Graphics runs any other promotional offer, the discounts may not be combined.

The codes expire December 31 of the year you registered, and you must reregister every year to continue the savings. Discounts may only be applied to printing costs (mailing services, postage, shipping, tax, etc, are not discounted).

Our 2021 Nonprofit Partners Use Cases help determine the winners for our print grants! These entries look into the lens of nonprofits to see how they use print and direct mail to promote the wonderful things that they do and to share with other organizations best practices. Explore some of these great use cases below for some inspiration. Please note, at any time if you wish to update your response you can do so by emailing it to Nonprofits@ConquestGraphics.com 

Check Out Some of These Great Responses for Inspiration

Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc.

Printed matter is still king, even with the internet and cellphones, because of its immediacy. People love...Read More 

Braille Circulating Library

Print is tangible, providing a tactile object lesson that engages the brain through the sense of sight, as well as of touch...Read More 

The Bundy Museum of History and Art

We would love to send postcards out to our mailing list on a regular basis to promote our events; we want to print... Read More 

Hippo Valley Christian Mission

We use print material to update our supporters about our work in Zimbabwe and share current needs and ways... Read More 

Ohio Bible Conference

Our organization uses print and direct mail to market our events, especially with the use of postcards with QR codes... Read More 

Journey Christian Church

We will send out a mass communication using a postcard to home addresses that we DON'T have in our database... Read More 

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