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Nonprofit Grant Program

Helping you help others

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We like supporting and giving back to our communities and the organizations that do the same! Conquest Graphics is an industry leader in the area of social consciousness. We know the value of making a positive impact in the community.

We recognize that in today’s challenging economy, nonprofits and charities have been adversely affected in funding, resources and budgets. Yet, the need to communicate and promote valuable causes becomes even more important in these competitive times. Many organizations are working harder and doing more with less, wherever possible.

To help these organizations, Conquest Graphics' Nonprofit/Charity Grant Program offers:

  • 10% Printing Discounts
  • $30,000 in Combined Printing Grants 

We invite your nonprofit organization/charity to take advantage of both of these opportunities!

10% Printing Discount

cg-logo-sm_1-2015For registering and providing a link to our website (see our handy HTML widget code on the Partner Buttons page), your organization will receive 10% off all printing by using the Promotional Code we provide after we qualify your organization. This discount applies to online orders placed on our website. There is a $250 limit per order. But, there is no limit to the number of times you can use the Promotional Code, as long as your organization remains a qualified nonprofit. If Conquest Graphics runs any other promotional offer, the discounts may not be combined. This promotional code expires December 31 of the year you register. You may re-register every year to continue the savings!

We appreciate the good work and values of nonprofits and charities. Over the years we have given our support to several good causes. Through our Nonprofit Grant Program we are able to help hundreds more. We are honored to help you help others, and hope that you will tell other charities about the program.

$30,000 in Print Grants!

cg-logo-sm_7-2015Grants are awarded based on the number of Facebook “likes” received on your Conquest-made landing page on our website. With hundreds of participating nonprofits/charities, this is a competitive program that works best when your group has a robust social media and print outreach program to drive your supporters to help you get something that benefits the organization.


We will...

  • Create a personalized, promotional web page for your organization on our website.
  • Place a social media button on that page for visitors to “like” you.
  • Give $5,000 Print Grants to the organizations with the highest number of “likes.”
  • Give $50 to $2,500 in Print Grants to organizations next highest numbers of “likes,” until $30,000 is awarded. (Based on “likes” and number of participants, a steering committee assigns the dollar value.)

We ask you to...

  • Provide the information you wish to have included on the page via the application below.
  • Encourage your supporters to visit your page and click your “like” button. This is how your success is measured. 
  • Provide a link to your new Conquest Graphics page on your website, and encourage your supporters to visit your page and click the link to your Conquest page and click "like." Use our handy HTML widget code on the Partner Buttons page to automatically insert our images on your site or blog.


How do I apply for and use the Nonprofit Discount?

If your organization is an IRS-registered Nonprofit, like a 501(c)(3) for example, then complete the application form at the end of this page.

  1. We will send an email letting you know your application has been received.
  2. After confirming your eligibility, we will send an email notifying you of your acceptance in the program.
  3. You will be given a unique promotional code.
  4. Enter the code for each order placed through our easy-to-use ordering system on our website. After entering the code in the Promotional Code box, you will automatically see the price reduction on your order.

Are there any limitations?

For both the 10% discount code and the awarded print grants, which are provided in the form of a promotional code, reasonable limitations apply. The codes expire at the year of the year they are granted, and discounts may only be applied to printing costs (mailing services, postage, shipping, tax, etc, are not discounted).

Nonprofit Grant Application

Nonprofit Application Request for Discount & Registration in 2019 Grant Program

This might be your permanent 1-800 number or a fixed land line that doesn't change
Do NOT use a PO Box
This is the User Name you use when logging in to the Conquest Graphics website. If you have not yet created a User Name, please do so before completing this nonprofit application.
If you have a Conquest Graphics sales representative or have been working with someone within our company, enter that person's name here.
I would like to participate in this year's Nonprofit Grant Program for a chance to earn up to $1,000 in Print Grants

Logo upload
Max 250x250 pixels. Please upload your Nonprofit's logo for use on your customized landing page.
This might be your organization's mission statement, or a brief summary about what you do for the community. Max 5,000 characters. Enter info here as you wish it to appear on your free Conquest Graphics' landing page used to help you earn print grants.

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