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Digital Printing

Our digital presses are fast and versatile. 

Digital printing offers many advantages: greater personalization, higher speeds, Variable Data Printing, lower costs, increased customization, faster turnarounds, more dynamic composition, low quantity runs and more!

Great for low quantities

There are often printed items that businesses need to order, but only in low quantities. A digital press enables you to get these items in small quantities - with the professional look your require and at per piece price that ​rivals even larger runs. ​So do you need just 50 folders? 200 postcards? 5 catalogs?These are ideal for printing on a digital press.

Unlike traditional printing which has the built-in cost of press plates, digital printing does not use press plates. You may have discovered with traditional printing for example that 100 brochures cost only a few dollars less than 1,000 brochures. When you only need a small quantity, this can be frustrating, especially when you look at the per piece price. However, with our digital printing you will find that printing in low quantities is very inexpensive.

Great for customization

But, don't just think about digital presses for small runs only. In fact, we've run 10,000 catalogs on the digital press. Why? Because almost every page needed to be customized? Digital presses can easily take your client list and ... Digital printing has been around for a long time. Businesses have used some form of digital printing for decades to print such things as the bills and statements that consumers receive in the mail. The only problem with this old-fashioned digital printing was that is was printed in black only, and it didn't look very good. About twenty years ago, digital printing technology evolved to the point where it was possible to print in multiple colors. Again, there were significant limitations in quality and cost. A few years later, digital printing technology made a quantum leap in quality, speed, and cost.



Amazing quality, outstanding results

One of the most amazing things about today's digital printing is that the quality is indistinguishable - except for those of us who know what to look for - from offset. And the cost is now competitive with offset printing, and better in many applications. But the real power in digital printing is the ability for every sheet of paper coming out of a digital press to be a unique. Variable data printing, which offers personalization yields greater response rates and helps consumers build a stronger connection with a particular product, brand or service.

Many of our clients are using our digital presses because they have discovered how to to get the most from custom materials and have found that they are more successful in getting the returns they want. While other customers are using digital printing with standard materials at low volumes which wouldn't be so affordable on an offset press. At Conquest Graphics, we are constantly running both our digital and offset presses. Each serves as a valuable resource in creating professional and effective marketing communications. In some instances we even use both presses for a single job.

We can help!

If you are interested in learning more about digital printing and how it can help you do a better job of attracting new customers and/or retaining existing customers, we invite you to talk with any of our Sales professionals by calling us at 1-800-707-9903, or sending us an email by clicking here. We are always willing to help and we enjoy showing-off our digital press capabilities. In addition to sharing the capabilities of our digital presses, we can help you develop materials for their use, and structure your customer lists to maximize your customer list knowledge in your marketing.

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