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Mailing Information

When you need to reach hundreds or thousands of consumers (or customers), the US Postal Service (USPS) is typically the way to go. The USPS offers many options from which to choose. To select the best option for your mailing, it’s important to know the requirements and advantages among your options. Getting to know all of the options for mailing your printed materials can take some time and in-depth study.

Postage with conquest graphics is easy and cheap

We think the best way to decide is to rely on experience and expertise. Both of which we have! So, let us help you make the best choice. Tell us who you want to mail to and the results you want to achieve. We will let you know your options and help you understand the cost benefit analysis of each. In many instances, we will even let you use our postal permits if needed.

Consider more than just the cost of postage!

What will your audience think of the mail they receive from you?

Will it be viewed as “bulk mail, “mass mail,” or even “junk mail?” Will your mailing pass through someone else’s hands before it goes to your intended recipient? A “gate-keeper,” perhaps? Will the manner in which it’s postage method is identified be noticed, or matter at all?  Understanding how your mailings will be perceived by the recipient can affect the response it receives. By sharing with us your target market and communication strategy, we can present your options, their influential factors, and ways to lower the hurdles they may create.

The ins and outs of mailing

"Bulk mail" is the term used by the USPS for large mailings that can qualify for reduced postage costs. This applies to commercial First-Class Mail and advertising mail (aka Standard Mail). Reduced prices are available for other classes of mail, too. You should know that the USPS often uses the terms "bulk" and "presorted" interchangeably.

Bulk mail costs are lower than single piece prices. A regular stamp on a letter is a single piece postage. Many mailers pay this postage rate even though they have a large mailing. This is typically because they don’t want to do the extra preparation work. So how do you decide if your own mail should take this approach or if commercial prices are better for you? And are all commercial prices the same and how much are they? The Postal Service prices are lower for bulk mailings because part of what they would do is done by someone else (for example, sorting the mail by Zip Code or transporting the mail to a destination postal facility). The benefits from "work-sharing" are realized in cost and sometimes by expediency. We are able to provide many of these services to help get your total cost as low as possible.

In order to mail at commercial prices, you need to get a mailing permit (permission to mail) and pay an annual mailing fee for each class of mail; First-Class Mail or Standard Mail. (Conquest customers, in many cases, are allowed to use Conquests’ mailing permits, which are held at multiple postal locations. Ask us how.) You can pay your USPS permit via postage by pre-canceled stamps, postage meter, or permit imprint. You also need to choose the size, shape and weight of your mail pieces, and make sure your address list is correct. Then, presort the mail pieces by Zip Code. With that done, you can take your mailings to the Post Office where you have your mailing permit.

To learn the about the postage prices, click here.

Your mailing quantities are important!

To qualify for certain postage discounts, you must mail a minimum number of pieces:

Conquest Graphics offers a "one-stop shop" solution for all of your mailing needs.

Why hassle with labels, stamps, postage meters, and lugging heavy boxes and mail bags to the Post Office? Your time is valuable! Eliminate the hassle of mailing and postage by taking advantage of our state-of-the-art mailing operation. Conquest Graphics can save you time, money, and the frustration of having to deal with yet another company for mailing services.

Here are a few reasons why Conquest Graphics is a leader in Mailing Services:

Mailing Experience

We have years of experience managing complex mailing projects. Whether your project is large or small, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your mailing project is handled professionally, hassle-free, on-time, and on-budget!

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Postal regulations can be complicated, ever-changing, and difficult to understand. Our on-site mail centers work with the USPS every day, and our intimate understanding of the postal regulations helps guarantee the success of your mailing project. We can analyze your direct mail pieces in the design stage to determine the best possible delivery and postage savings.

Send us an email of your design to customerservice@conquestgraphics.com, with the subject line "Analyze My Mail", and we will provide a free mail design consultation! ​

Technology and Speed

At Conquest Graphics, we believe in technology. We utilize the very latest software and mailing equipment in our Mail Centers to provide our customers with an efficient turn-key mailing services solution. We also offer full-color personalization of letters, flyers, postcards, and brochures on our state-of-the-art digital presses.

Along with our incredible discount full-color printing, and rock-bottom prices, we also offer our customers a full-service mailing center. We understand that most printed materials end up in the mail. We also understand that the mailing process can be expensive, complicated, and a real hassle!

Tech and mail at lightning fast speeds

Mail Center

Our Mail Center can help identify the best way to deliver your materials. And, with multiple Mail Centers we can split your jobs so that they get there fast no matter where you want to mail.

Let Conquest Graphics eliminate the hassle for you. Our full-service Mail Centers provide fast delivery across the country and have everything you need to mail your projects, no matter how large or small.

We offer: 

  • Mailing list cleansing and de-duping
  • Presorting, CASS certification, and Intelligent Mail Barcoding for the lowest possible postage rates
  • NCOA processing
  • Complete ink-jetting and addressing capabilities
  • Digitally-printed projects can be addressed as they are printed, resulting in fewer handling steps
  • Automated envelope insertion

Let us save you time and money by mailing your projects directly to your prospects and customers through our in-house mailing operation.

Please refer to our Mailing Services FAQ page for more details.

If you were unable to find the information you were looking for, please refer to our Mailing FAQ page for more details.

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