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Direct Mail Marketing Services

At Conquest Graphics, our innovative technology, direct mail experts, extensive mailing solutions, and state-of-the-art in-house mailing center has everything you need to create an effective direct mail marketing campaign that meets your specific budget and exceeds your goals.

Direct Mail Marketing That Gets Results

Direct mail is one of the leading marketing strategies, even in today's digital environment. Direct mail receives a higher response rate and ROI compared to email, social media, and paid search combined. Plus, direct mail marketing isn’t like it used to be. It’s now faster, more affordable, and more advanced than ever before, offering the results marketers are looking for.

From sending personalized mailers, automating your direct mail so you can send direct mail like you send emails, to targeting the audience that matters most to your company, we have just the direct mail marketing solution for you.

Direct Mail Experts

Our team of direct mail marketing experts are here to help you launch a direct mail campaign that meets your goals and budget.

High-Quality Mailers

You can ensure your direct mail pieces will stand out and generate real results with our variety of high-quality direct mail products.

Fast Turnarounds

With printing and mailing done in house, your direct mail campaigns are quickly delivered into the hands of your audience.

Better Results

Through the power of direct mail marketing, and advanced technology, your campaigns are more effective than ever before.

Direct Mail CRM Integration

Direct Mail Automation

Direct Mail Automation or Direct Mail CRM Integration integrates direct mail into your CRM or marketing automation platform so you can send direct mail as easily as an email.

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Variable Data Printing

Personalized Mailing

Increase your direct mail campaign response rates by easily and affordably personalizing your marketing materials to be tailor-made for each of your recipients.

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Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail

Simply choose a mailing route that would benefit your business and reach every household on that chosen route through the power of direct mail.

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Proximity Mailing

Proximity Mailing

Send direct mail to people who live around your most successful customers to let the community know that your business has just the product or service for them as well.

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Birthday Mailing

Birthday Mailing

Wish your audience a happy birthday and send them a birthday mailer with an exclusive offer to increase your sales and strengthen your customer relationships.

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Drive Time Mailing

Drive Time Mailing

Reach potential customers who are interested in your business and who live only a short drive away from your location with the power of direct mail marketing.

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Look-Alike Analysis

Look-Alike Analysis

This direct mail tactic analyzes your customer data to create a mailing list of potential clients who have the same key characteristics as your most successful customers.

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Direct Mail Commingling

Direct Mail Commingling

Send as few or as many direct mail pieces as you’d like while still taking advantage of bulk mailing postage rates thanks to Direct Mail Commingling.

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Propensity Mailing for better results.

Propensity Mailing

Propensity Mailing or Intent-Driven Mailing is a direct mail marketing strategy that allows you to reach individuals who are in-market and interested in what you have to offer.

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Targeting Icon

Create A Mailing List

Our easy-to-use mailing list tool allows you to build your own targeted mailing list so you can target certain individuals or businesses based on your rules and demographics.

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