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8.5x14 Roll Fold Brochure Template & Sample Design Files

8.5 x 14 Roll Fold Brochure Template

Dimensions: The 14" x 8.5” roll fold brochure folds to 3.5” x 8.5” (width x height).

Commonly Used For: Education industry print marketing, promoting a new product or service, travel brochures, advertising an event, real estate print marketing, financial services print marketing, promoting your grand opening, retail print marketing, sales leave behinds, travel guides, and more.

Tips for Creating Effective 8.5 x 14 Roll Fold Brochures

The 8.5x14 roll fold brochure creates 8 panels (4 front panels and 4 back panels) that are just about 3.5” x 8.5” providing you with plenty of space to display your message in detail while also including eye-catching design elements that emphasize your message.

The roll fold brochure isn’t the easiest to design compared to a half-fold or tri-fold brochure so it’s important that you take advantage of a 4 panel roll fold brochure template which we have available in several formats above. Our free 8.5x14 roll fold brochure templates offer guidelines for how and where to place your design elements so that you successfully place everything in the correct order and with the correct bleed, fold lines, margin, and trim areas needed for printing.

In addition to using an 8.5x14 roll fold brochure template, to create an effective design it’s important that your brochure includes high quality images, colors that align with your brand, an easy-to-read typeface, your logo, contact information, and a call to action that your audience can’t refuse.

If you have questions about our 8.5x14 roll fold brochure template or need assistance with your brochure design, please call us at 800-707-9903 or head over to our design services page to request design help today!

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