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8.5x11Half Fold brochure template.
9x12 Half-Fold Brochure Template & Design Files

9x12 Half Fold Brochure Template (aka 9 x 12 Bifold Brochure Template)

Dimensions: 9” x 12” half fold brochure folds to 9” x 6” (height x width)

Commonly Used For: Restaurant menus, music event brochures, promoting a new product or service, advertising a grand opening, food and beverage industry marketing, education industry marketing, financial services marketing, event programs, direct mail campaigns, and so much more.

Tips for Creating Effective 9x12 Half Fold Brochures

9x12 half fold brochures are one of the most versatile and affordable brochures available. With 9x12 half fold brochures being 6x9 when folded, they make the perfect direct mail material or an easy to carry around handout for an event, trade show, or grand opening.

When designing a 9x12 half-fold brochure, make sure to take advantage of a 9x12 half-fold brochure template which we have available for you to download in several different formats above. With the help of a brochure design template, you’ll be able to lay out your content successfully and set your design files up to meet the printing requirements.

To create an effective 9x12 half fold brochure design, it’s important that you keep your audience in mind so that your final product appeals to your specific audience while also delivering the message your brochure is intended to deliver.

Keep in mind that 9x12 half-fold brochures create relatively small panels measuring at 6” x 9”. Because of this it’s important that you keep your text short and straight to the point and keep your imagery to a minimum to avoid a cluttered or overwhelming design.

Also, you want your brochure to immediately grab you audiences’ attention, so make sure to use eye-catching colors, high-quality images, and a call to action that can’t be refused.

If you have questions about our 9x12 half-fold brochure template or need help with your design, please call us at 800-707-9903 or visit our design services page to get in touch with one of our graphic designers.

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