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The Purpose of Brochures and Why They Are Important

The purpose of brochures and why they are important. 

Brochures come in many different forms and have a countless number of folded techniques to fit any type of marketing message, making them the most versatile printed materials. With so many options to choose from it’s impossible to say brochures have only one objective.

Thankfully, we have put together a full explanation on the different purposes of brochures and the common types of brochures used for each to give you a better understanding on why brochures are so important.

The Purpose of Brochures Explained

Brochures can act as a detailed reference of your products or services for your prospects and customers. They can help increase your leads through a direct mail campaign or as handouts at an event or tradeshow. Brochures can even support your brand by providing your audience with credible and informative content about your company.

From a restaurant’s takeout menu to a technology company presenting their services, or even a campground providing a map for their visitors, brochures have a multitude of purposes that deliver marketing messages in a professional, organized and handy way.

Introduction Brochures

Many believe that the primary purpose of a brochure is to provide an introduction for a company. Although this isn't the only purpose a brochure has, they do provide the perfect way to introduce your brand to prospects.

Tri-fold brochure for company introductions. 

Introduction brochures, or promotional brochures, can display critical information about who your company is or the details of the products and services you provide. By placing your information into a folded brochure, you give your audience an interactive and organized way to learn about your brand. With introduction brochures you can hand them out at events or trade shows or give them to prospects who visited your business. You can also use them in a direct mail campaign to reach a targeted audience to help increase your sales and grow your brand awareness.

Common types of brochures used:

  • The closed gate brochure
  • The tri-fold brochure
  • The tri-half brochure
  • The roll fold brochure

Information Brochures

Double parallel brochure for informational marketing. 

Information brochures can also be used as an introduction brochure depending on the content you include within it and your specific target audience. These brochures are used to display detailed information about your company or a certain product or service you offer. They can serve as an instructional manual within a package, presentation documents to hand out during a meeting, customer reports, or programs for special events. They are can even effectively be used within your direct mail strategy to give your audience an interactive way to engage with your marketing message.

Common types of brochures used:

  • The tri-fold brochure
  • The z-fold brochure
  • The roll fold brochure
  • The double parallel brochure

Map Brochures

The half-tri brochure for displaying maps. 

Organizations like campgrounds, airports, museums and more can all benefit from providing their visitors with a folded map brochure. The purpose of a map brochure is to provide crucial information that can be folded up and tucked away when not being used and easily accessible when needed. The purpose of these brochures isn't subject to holding representational diagrams of land or a large facility either. They can contain helpful descriptions of each component within your map to give your audience a more informed experienced.

Common types of brochures used:

  • The double parallel brochure
  • The half-half brochure
  • The half-tri brochure
  • The tri-half brochure

Menu Brochures

The half-fold brochure for take out menus.  

Especially in a time where takeout is more popular than dining in, if your company falls in the food services category, it is important to provide individuals with a menu they can hold on to. That is why brochures can be the perfect menu. They fold up for easy carrying and can easily be hung on a fridge, stored in a drawer, or even a car glove department for later use. Takeout menus can hold images of your most popular appetizers and entrees as well as your contact information for your customers to easily contact you when they are ready to order.

Common types of brochures used:

  • The tri-fold brochure
  • The z-fold brochure
  • The half-fold brochure
  • The roll fold brochure

Why Brochures are Important

Whether your company’s brochures are promotion oriented or a map, they send your audience an important message about your brand. They show that you are professional, care about the details of your company and committed to reaching out with the highest of quality.

Brochures are Convenient

Brochures are easy to hold onto and can be pocket-friendly compared to catalogs, or flyers. Because they can fold into a smaller material, your audience is more inclined to hold on to your brochure so they can view it later as well. When you provide your audience with a marketing material that they will keep, you increase your brand awareness every time they view it.

Brochures are Cost-Effective

One of the top reason's brochures are so important is because they are extremely budget friendly and are the perfect marketing materials for new companies or businesses on a budget who want to advertise their brand effectively. Also, because they are a very low-cost material, they are great for accompanying your other marketing materials such as being inserted within your pocket folder, attached to your newsletter or catalog or even inserted in a package containing a promotional product.

Brochures Save Time

Brochures are very time effective as well due to their versatility in providing room for a variety of information so you can market a wide range of content within your brochure. Depending on the type of brochure you choose, you have access to several panels for displaying your content. For example, if you use a brochure to introduce your company or a new service you are providing, you can save time by putting all your company's valuable information into one tangible medium.

Brochures are Impactful

A well-designed brochure has proven to be more successful in attracting attention compared to other marketing efforts like online marketing, including social media posts or display ads due to their physical, informative and interactive nature.

It’s important to remember that whether your brochure is a menu or handed out during a presentation, it needs to be a well-designed brochure and eye catching to be a successful marketing tool. Your content should be organized fluidly, and your colors and images should speak to your target audience. If you are ready to generate success by implementing brochures into your marketing strategy, click below to get started or contact our experts for any assistance or questions today!

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