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Types of Brochure Printing and How to Choose the Right One

Types of brochures and how to choose the right one. 

Brochures are one of the most cost-effective, versatile, and successful ways of spreading your message. They provide your audience with an interactive material to engage with compared to other print marketing materials, like flyers and posters which lack a brochures 3D component.

What makes brochures so unique compared to other marketing materials, is the numerous folding options to choose from. Whether your brochure is informational or promotional, smaller in scale or larger, there are endless variations of options to accommodate your marketing needs.

However, with so many options, it is challenging to choose the best folded brochure method for you. That is why we have compiled some of the most popular types of brochures so you can have a better understanding on which one you should apply to your brochure marketing.

The Half Fold brochure. 

The Half Fold

A half-fold brochure, also known as a bi-fold brochure, is a single, any size piece of paper folded in half, creating two, double-sided separate panels. This type of fold gives your brochure a folder or booklet appearance.

Dividing the brochure into two separate panels, creates two interior and exterior panels great for highlighting different key components about your business. Because of the one-fold, half-fold brochures are great for telling a detailed story due to the two large panels it provides.

The Z Fold brochure. 

The Z Fold

The z-fold brochure or accordion fold is an extremely popular form of brochure. This type of brochure is folded into three double-sided panels which is folded to mimic the shape of an accordion.

A unique and common style for the z fold is to cut the top of the sheet to create a die-cut fold. This is where the front panel is smaller than the other, making the other two panels visible from the front when the brochure is folded shut. Because this type of brochure divides information into three double-sided sections, this design effectively creates six separate compartments that when unfolded, reveals a unified double-sided page. This is perfect for information to run from one page to the next in a smooth manner including travel brochures, instructional content, or event schedules.

The Trifold brochure. 

The Trifold

One of the most popular brochure folds and the one you are probably most familiar with, is the trifold. Like the z-fold brochure, this folding technique divides your paper into three double sided panels. Unlike the z fold though, to fold the trifold, your brochure’s right, and left panels fold inward and on top of the central panel.

You can use this type of brochure to focus on different elements on each page or create a sense of suspense with a question on the front of the right and left panels that reveals the answers when opened.

The Closed Gate brochure. 

The Closed Gate

A closed gate fold brochure can have a significant impact on your marketing message. For a gate fold, this type of brochure is divided into one big panel and two smaller panels that are half the size of the large panel. The two smaller panels are than folded inwards on top of the central large panel to look like a gate.

These types of brochures are commonly used for high-end products and services as the folding technique suggests a “grand” reveal.

The Roll Fold brochure. 

The Roll Fold

A roll fold brochure, also known as a barrel or over-and-over fold, is a wonderful way for leading readers through your content in an orderly fashion.

This type of brochure fold is typically folded into four panels. The panel on the end is folded inward to lie evenly on top of the panel next to it. Both panels are then folded inward again to lie flat against the next panel and so on.

The benefits of a roll fold include its multiple same sized panels. They give you an equal amount of room to discuss separate key points or to have information “roll” uniformly onto the next panel. They can be great for step-to-step guides or tutorial manuals.

The Double Parallel brochure. 

The Double Parallel

With a double parallel fold, your brochure folds in half to form two panels and then in half again to form two parallel panel folds or four panels and eight pages.

These brochures are great for promotional uses, maps and programs as they provide a wide space for highlighting large images and graphics. They are also very versatile and ideal for transactional mailings, customer reports and so much more.

The Half-Half Fold brochure.  

The Half-Half Fold

The Half-Half fold, commonly known as the French fold or cross fold, is a technique where the paper is folded both vertically and horizontally, creating a four-panel brochure.

Half-half folded brochures are perfect for a full-page marketing advertisement showcasing all images and content in one viewing. Many marketers use these folded brochures for designs that are graphics heavy such as an invitation. They are also a great alternative to a traditional newsletter.

The Half-Tri brochure.  

The Half-Tri Fold

A half-tri fold brochure is created by folding the paper in half and then folding the two flat panels like a tri-fold brochure—three panels with the left and right panel folding inward and on top of each other. This type of brochure creates six panels.

Because of the six panels, or twelve pages, a half-tri brochure creates, they are wonderful for displaying a wide range of information and images. This could include an instructional sheet with informative graphics.

The Tri-Half brochure. 

The Tri-Half Fold

Another six-panel brochure is the tri-half fold. This brochure is folded just like the trifold and then is folded in half.

Like the half-tri fold this brochure supplies many pages to hold your content. Because it folds down to a much smaller size, these brochures are great to hand out at trade shows or to place in packages along with other marketing materials.

With so many types of brochure folds to choose from, you have the power to create unique and meaningful messages for your audience to interact and engage with. At Conquest Graphics, we have every brochure fold you may need along with the sizes, paper stock, coating options and more to truly make your brochure design stand out. You can click below to visit our brochure product page or contact one of our brochure experts at (800)707-9903.

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