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  • business-cards-mockup
    Originally Published Jun 20, 2019 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    Most nonprofits are diminutive in both budget and staff size. The way these groups decide to spend their organizational funds is ultimately a personal choice, however Conquest Graphics is pleased to offer a variety of cost-effective print products to help support community causes.

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  • Catalog example that looks like the product you would receive from Conquest Graphics if you order today.
    Originally Published May 16, 2018 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    Catalogs may be one of the most critical pieces of your marketing campaign, displaying products to both customers and prospects. The Data and Marketing Association's recent survey showed that 42% of consumers read catalogs that they receive in the mail. Make sure your catalogs are up to snuff with the help of this week's blog.

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  • print-specialist-consulting
    Originally Published Jun 13, 2019 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    We'll guide you through the ways to get the most from a commercial printer and share things you should know when placing orders to achieve optimal efficiency. With these four tips, you'll be able to find shortcuts and improvements to your dealings with your commercial printer so you can save big and grow faster through print marketing.

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  • CMYK vs RGB
    Originally Published May 14, 2019 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    We compare RGB vs CMYK and how it affects color perception, plus what you should know when it comes to refunds for differences between screen and paper.

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  • Conquest Graphics offers a brand new 2019 calendar creator for you to create your very own branded calendars.
    Originally Published Oct 01, 2015 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    Promotional calendars are a very fun and versatile option for marketing strategies in every industry. It's important to keep your designs up to date as they are a reflection of your business. Find out more about promotional calendar designs by checking out this blog and purchase yours today.

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  • Stacked print catalogs.
    Originally Published Nov 19, 2015 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    For the longest time, print marketing was the undisputed choice for reaching target markets and getting results. Then along came the internet. But even with the popularity of digital advertising, print marketing managed to stick around as a preferred strategy for many marketers. So, that leaves us with the question–does print marketing still work?

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  • We can help you find the sweet spot with products and prices to optimize value of your purchase.
    Originally Published Dec 03, 2015 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    Here’s the simple truth: Printing online saves you time. And time is money. Saving time on your printing will lead to lower printing costs and it will help you manage your marketing program better. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice any of your own.

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  • Our pre-press digital workflow keeps our paper consumption low.
    Originally Published Dec 10, 2015 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    Remember that time you got an email from an African prince, who just happened to select you to help him out? For doing so, you’d be handsomely rewarded. I mean, it’s an African prince–he can afford to do things like that, right? That’s how obvious the early.

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  • why catalog printing is effective
    Originally Published Dec 23, 2015 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    Printed newsletters may seem old-fashioned, but the real question is “Do they still work?” The answer varies across industries, but on average, the answer is “Yes–they work!” There’s a catch though…You have to provide a great printed newsletter to get great results. Your newsletter should provide.

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  • green-printing-thumb
    Originally Published Jan 08, 2016 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    The option to use recycled paper and eco-friendly products for printing is nothing new. We all know using recycled products is better for the environment, but how easy is it for companies to adopt it for themselves? Did you know: A whopping 91% of all printing paper today is not from recycled materials?

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  • Portland_Main_Post_Office_-_USPS_Trucks_(25072110600)
    Originally Published Jan 14, 2016 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    This week, you received a few advertisements in your mailbox each day. Some in envelopes, some postcards and others may have been in newspaper or coupon form. Think back to the mail that came in envelopes. They were probably white, longer than the other pieces of mail, and said.

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  • QR codes allow viewers with a smart phone to scan it and go directly to your specified URL.
    Originally Published Feb 12, 2016 | Updated Oct 03, 2019

    When you’re working with a small budget, you want to find the best deal for everything you purchase. It’s no different when it comes to purchasing business cards. With so many online printers out there, there’s no doubt you’ve seen business card promotions offering your order free of shipping costs.

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