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Protecting Your Brand with Portals


The concept of "branding" has become rightfully ingrained in the way we approach business. Creating a strong brand is an essential strategy that can distinguish your products and services for potential customers. The objective is to attract and retain those loyal customers by delivering a product that is always aligned with what your brand promises. Developing your brand is a process and, once established, should be protected to maintain uniformity and professionalism. That can be easier said than done.

Conquest Graphics offers a solution that is just plain easy. Our Web-to-Print Portals are an exciting and unique service that we offer to help our clients protect and safeguard their brand's uniformity on all printed marketing materials. How does this all work? Let’s take a closer look at the needs of a franchised business.  For a franchise, brand adherence is crucial due to representation by multiple locations. Ensuring that all sites conform to the same corporate branding guidelines is critical to uphold in presentation and marketing collateral. For example, restaurant corporations manage numerous chains throughout the country. 
Management at each specific location oversees ordering posters, flyers and similar materials for their own restaurant. Without a system in place, employees could easily use design elements that are not approved and aligned with the corporate brand. This could lead to a decrease in quality control and create damage for the company image. Companies that manage multiple brands or sell through distributors also face these risks when attempting to reinforce consistency and preserve their reputation.

An important benefit of web-to-print portals is the capacity to safeguard brand identity during the print purchasing process through asset management and regulation, which standardizes and simplifies marketing efforts. The system’s interface is very intuitive. Most users find little to no need for training and graphic design skills are not necessary.

Managing Your Brand

Now, how does this work exactly?

Access must be granted and controlled

Portals are set up so that an administrator is assigned to control access to content and editing capabilities. Franchise owners can provide access to employees at their various locations and allow them to order their own marketing materials with pre-approved guidelines. The administrator can also choose the content and products that users have access to and delegate different levels of visibility. Limits can also be placed on individual spending.

Online Templates are loaded and ready to use

Portals utilize pre-designed templates into which employees can enter customized information, such as address and phone number. Brand identity elements, such as logos, fonts and colors, will remain the same for every order and impossible to modify. No design skills are necessary.

User actions are restricted

The administrator has the control over which components in their collateral remain static and which options are customizable. This process allows for personalization of company materials while maintaining standardization and ensuring that all employees are using the correct branding when they order marketing collateral. The automated approval processes serve as an extra sentry against any unwanted edits or errors.

Brand extends to dashboard

Companies have the option of designing their portals to align with the branding and style of their corporate presence. This makes it easier for employees to navigate and create professional quality products, while reinforcing the integrity of corporate branding.

Support available for any other needs

Conquest Graphics will work with you to help construct the system that best serves your needs. Through analysis, we can help determine the existing materials suited for integration and offer recommendations for streamlining your processes. We maintain a full staff of customer service experts, programmers and sales staff who are available to you by telephone or live-chat on the computer during business hours.

We would love to provide you with a personal tour of this system and its capabilities, We can do this over the phone, or using a remote-viewing session so you can see our computer screen and sit back and watch in real time while talking over the phone. Just click below:


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Protecting Your Brand with Portals

Branding dictates how the public perceives the values, products, services, and personality of your business. Upholding this perception is key to the execution of a strong marketing strategy and keeping your company top of mind for consumers.

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