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Seamless Operations with Print and Mailing Fulfillment

Fulfillment Services

When it comes to your print and direct mail marketing, smooth operations are key in creating an efficient and effective campaign.

Whether your print and mailing project is complex and intricate or simple, it’s worthwhile not only for your budget but time to find a provider who offers fulfillment services. These services will help you in every aspect of your company’s marketing strategy while allowing you to focus on more important matters.

What is Print and Mailing Fulfillment?

There are a variety of components that go into making your print and mailing a seamless operation. If you have dealt with packaging your print collateral and lugging your materials to the post office to be mailed, you know first-hand the struggle and burden this process can have on your time and budget.

Print and mailing fulfillment is a service provided by commercial printers where they take care of the entire process of printing your materials and then mailing or shipping them when and where they need to be delivered.

This isn’t always just a two-step process either. Fulfillment services can include everything that is needed from designing, storing, automating, personalizing, packaging, and more.

Types of Fulfillment Services and How They Save Time and Money

Since print and direct mail marketing go hand in hand, looking for a print provider who is also a one stop shop for all your marketing needs is essential for saving your company time and money.

Below are some of the most common and helpful print and mailing fulfillment services provided by today’s printer industry.

Kit Assembly (Kitting)

Kit assembly (kitting). 

Kit Assembly, also known as “Kitting,” is the process in which your printer assembles your project or multiple projects and their in-house mailing center sends them off to where they need to go while making sure they arrive on time.

Essentially, Kitting involves your separate but related marketing materials to be packaged and mailed all together. This saves you money on postage costs while also saving you time by having your printer assemble and mail the package for you.

If your project requires the combination of multiple products, such as business cards placed into pocket folders, brochures attached to catalogs, printed materials packaged with promotional items or anything else that consists of sorting and assembling different items together, Kitting is a cost-effective option for your company.

Inventory fulfillment and Management 

Inventory Fulfillment and Management

The quickest way to get your marketing materials where they need to go, is to have them already produced and assembled so they are ready to go when you need them. Printers who offer inventory and management services allow you to order products and then will assemble and store your pre-configured materials.

When you are ready for your inventoried materials to be mailed or shipped, they can be sent with just a click of a button. This minimizes the turnaround time exponentially due to materials already being produced.

Direct Mail Fulfillment

Whether you’re looking to create a customized mailing list, send out a large or short run direct mail campaign, or utilize an advanced direct mail option, direct mail fulfillment services provided by your printer can handle everything for you from start to end.

With direct mail fulfillment all you need to do is provide your marketing projects specifications—type of printed material, quantity, size, type of audience, etc.—and your printer handles everything from producing, building your mail list, incorporating variable data information, mailing, and can even help with tracking responses.

When a printer offers direct mail fulfillment, this often means that they have an in-house mail center. Not only does his help them offer you the best ways to deliver your materials, but it also means they can eliminate any hassle that comes along with mailing, and offer:

  • Mail list cleansing and de-duping
  • Presorting, CASS certification and Intelligent Mail Barcoding
  • NCOA processing
  • Addressing capabilities
  • Envelope insertion

Fulfillment with Ordering Portals

One of the most complex and helpful fulfillment services that many printers offer, is an Ordering Portal or a Web-to-Print Storefront. These online storefronts are custom built from the ground up and can contain your company’s digital assets, designs, business cards, flyers, direct mail materials, promotional materials and more.

Fulfillment with Ordering Portals. 

If your company has many marketing materials, an Ordering Portal makes placing orders, tracking materials, and updating designs while getting your materials to the people that need them easier than ever. Everything from, Kit Assembly, inventorying materials, direct mail fulfillment and more can all be easily processed, tracked, and managed through your company’s tailormade portal.

Better yet, Ordering Portals allow your employees to easily order certain materials like business cards, on their own while ensuring branding is in place. You can manage who has access to what materials, how many materials individuals can order, and more.

Direct Mail Automation Services

Another fulfillment service offered by many printers, is Direct Mail Automation, also known as CRM Direct Mail Integration. This solution allows you to utilize your customer data within your marketing automation software or CRM and send direct mailers, like postcards, as easy as sending an email.

Even better, Direct Mail Automation takes the ease provided by fulfillment services a step further. By allowing you to set up triggers within your marketing platform and have event driven direct mail automatically sent to individuals based on emails sent, actions the contact took on your website, and more.

As you can see there are many different types of print and mailing fulfillment services available in today’s print industry. And each one is designed to completely handle everything from beginning to end while saving you time and money by avoiding any manual work or extra charges.

At Conquest Graphics, every solution, service, and product we offer—like Variable Data Printing, Mailbox Retargeting, everything listed above and more—we provide complete fulfillment for your convenience and budget as well. Just provide us the details of what you want—or contact one of our experts to explore some options—and we will take it from there.

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