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9 Samples of Sales Leave Behinds

The best sales leave behinds for making great first impressions.

A good first impression is critical in any sales strategy. For many salespeople, the materials they leave behind with a prospect are valuable tools that turn that first interaction into a second.

A good sales leave-behind reminds the prospect of the salesperson's offer, keeps the brand top of mind, and encourages the prospect to visit the business' website, contact the salesperson to learn more or make a purchase.

Read further to learn more about sales leave-behinds and to discover samples of the top 9 leave-behinds for driving success.

What is a Sales Leave Behind?

Sales leave-behinds are branded physical materials or items that sales professionals leave with customers or prospects after a meeting, presentation, or sales pitch.

These materials reinforce the key points made during the conversation, keep the company top of mind, and provide additional information or incentives to entice the prospect to take the next step.

Top 9 Sales Leave Behinds

1. Sales Brochures

Leave Behind Brochures

Brochures are popular sales leave-behinds because they are affordable and effective ways to provide potential customers with detailed information about your products or services in an interactive and memorable way. Use the above leave-behind brochure sample as inspiration and design your sales brochure to be visually appealing, attention-grabbing, and easy to read.

Another tip is to use high-quality images and to clearly communicate your key selling points and value proposition throughout the brochure. Use friendly language and bullet points to highlight the benefits of your products or services, so it entices the prospect to reach out to the salesperson. Regarding the above sales leave-behind layout, the information is easily sectioned in each panel, ensuring that it's easy to read and effectively uses the negative space and contrast to break up the colors. You can leave your sales brochures behind during in-person meetings, tradeshows, or after a door-to-door canvasing interaction.

2. Presentation Folders

Sales Leave Behind Folders

Using a branded presentation folder to store additional leave-behinds such as sell sheets, letterhead, and other documents is an effective strategy for providing prospects with detailed information about your company long after the presentation or sales pitch. You can even add business card slits within the interior of your folder, so contact information is front and center.

In the above leave-behind example, the folder is more than a vessel to deliver sales materials; it is also a sales piece of its own by including the business's company name and branded elements. Customizing your presentation folder can help your company name and logo stand out while professionally presenting essential documents, encouraging the prospect to take the next steps.

3. Flyers & Sell Sheets

Sales Leave Behind Flyers

High-quality flyers and sell sheets are essential sales leave-behinds for promoting a specific product or service and providing your prospect with a physical version of your sales pitch. You can leave these materials behind after a meeting, door-to-door conversation, or tradeshow encounter.

The leave-behind sample above shows a clean, easy-to-follow, and eye-catching flyer that provides just enough information for the prospect while also highlighting the contact information, so it is easy for the prospect to take action.

Leave-behind flyers are the perfect sales piece for handing out at tradeshows and similar events. Remember, because you have limited space for messaging, make sure your flyer is straight to the point, easy to read, and has a clear call to action.

4. Infographics & Booklets

Leave Behind Booklets

Infographics and sales leave-behind booklets are visually stimulating sales materials that can highlight a company's mission, products, or services or display data and key points about a product in an easy-to-understand way.

Sometimes, you need to present the prospect with more information than what can be displayed on a brochure or flyer. This is where a booklet comes into play as a sales leave-behind. They allow you to compact your information in a detailed but organized way that is easy to digest and remember.

The above booklet and infographic sample are great examples of how to display your information and make a great first impression. Ensure to include key information relevant to your offering, such as sales reports, product details, service benefits, testimonials, and more. For infographics, you want to structure the information in a sequence that guides the reader from problem to solution, highlighting how your product or service can solve the prospect's needs.

5. Business Cards

Leave Behind Business Card Sample

According to a survey, 72% of people judge a company based on its business cards. This means your business cards need to make a great first impression, and every salesperson within your organization needs to have them ready to hand out.

In the above business card sample, the company does a great job presenting its brand in a unique and eye-catching way. In addition, the company's name, logo, individual's name, and contact information are easy to read and find. A prospect shouldn't take more than a second to identify where all the necessary information is within your business card design. To increase the effectiveness of the above leave-behind example, the company could add a QR code that allows the prospect to quickly scan it and add the salesperson's contact information to their phone.

6. Notepads

Sales Leave Behind Notepads

Notepads are a creative and practical way to ensure your brand stays at the top of potential customers' minds.

Custom notepads can include your company logo, contact information, website URL, and other relevant branding on each notepad page. This ensures that every time a prospect writes a note, they are reminded of your brand and provided with a resource for quickly contacting you.

7. Custom Calendars

Leave Behind Calendars

Many people rely on calendars to organize events and stay on top of deadlines. Incorporating a calendar as a sales leave-behind is a perfect way to help keep prospects organized while keeping your business in mind throughout the year.

Using a calendar as a sales leave-behind, you can include important dates and offers specific to your company. You can also include monthly information about your products and services with a QR code that leads the prospect to learn more or to make a purchase.

8. Postcards & Rack Cards

Leave Behind Rack Cards and Postcards

Postcards and rack cards are some of the most cost-effective sales leave behinds that offer an easy to hold on to and clear message for prospects to engage with.

Postcards and rack cards range in sizes from 4" x 6" and 4" x 9" to 6" x 11", offering a variety of options for displaying your message. These sales materials are often left on tables or front counters after meeting prospects, handed out during events, or left behind after sales pitches.

The sales leave-behind samples above are great examples of how you can display and promote your message on these cards. Highlight the information you want your prospect to focus on, and make sure everything is short and straight to the point so they can easily and quickly read key details.

9. Branded Letterhead

Custom Letterhead Leave Behinds

Branded letterhead is a sales leave behind every salesperson and company needs as it takes personalization, professionalism, and branding to the next level.

Like the letterhead example above, you want to include brand identifiers such as your logo, brand colors, and contact information. You can also take it a step further by adding a custom border or other design elements that align with your brand and make your letterhead and message stand out. You can also customize the content of your letterhead to be unique to the prospect and their needs to show that you value their business and have taken the time to understand their needs.

Letterhead as a sales leave-behind can be sent after a demo or meeting thanking the individual for their time. Salespeople should also have some blank pieces on hand to jot down highlights or notes and leave them for the prospect to keep your brand top of mind and provide the prospect with key information such as benefits, pricing, and more.

Make A Great First Impression with Sales Leave Behinds

Effective sales leave-behinds are tailored to the customer's needs, reinforce and highlight the salesperson's pitch, keep the brand top of mind, and provide valuable information and incentives to encourage further engagement.

Choose sales materials your team can leave behind that align with your sales strategy, make a great first impression, and resonate with your target audience. If you want to get the most out of your sales materials, check out our Brand Portal solution, which allows your team to easily and quickly customize and order the leave-behinds they need to increase sales and turn more prospects into customers. Have questions, or are you looking for a different type of sales leave behind? Give us a call at 800-707-9903.

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