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9 Samples of Sales Leave Behinds

The best sales leave behinds for making great first impressions.

You know that a good first impression is critical in any sales strategy. For most salespeople, the materials you leave behind will continue that first interaction you have with new prospects. In some cases, it’s your only interaction with them.

Sales leave behinds and business leave behinds can act as calling cards, vehicles for customer education, and more. They work to continue marketing for your company and message long after you’ve left the building. They’re also very effective when done the right way.

So, what does “the right way” look like and how will you create a good impression with your sales leave behinds?

To help, below are 9 examples of effective sales leave behinds – and reasons why they are effective. Use these samples to create your own great sales leave behinds.

1. Leave Behind Brochure Sample

Leave Behind Brochure

Brochures are popular sales leave behinds because they’re the perfect way to showcase your products and provide more information about your services in an interactive and memorable way. This brochure shows the elements that are necessary to draw the attention of the reader and make the information easy to digest.

The leave behind brochure entices the reader with a combination of an effective design that helps the reader navigate the information and a calming color palette, which makes the reader want to reach out to the sales rep and company. When it comes to the layout, the information is easily sectioned in each panel, ensuring that it’s easy to read and makes good use of the negative space and contrast to break up the colors.

2. Leave Behind Folder Sample


Using branded pocket folders is a great way to give your customers some extra information about your product and company.

You can fill your folder with additional marketing materials including sell sheets, infographics, and other leave behind documents to provide your customers with an organized and clear view of all you have to offer. You can even include business card slits within the interior of your pocket folder, so your contact information is front and center whenever your pocket folder is opened.

In this example, the folder is not only a vessel to deliver more marketing and sales materials to your customer, but also a marketing piece in its own right.

Having a clean folder exterior with a prominent logo and company name increases brand awareness and allows your brand to stand out and be visible to multiple people.

This leave behind folder sample makes appropriate use of the folder interior by staying true to the brand and incorporating the colors from their style and branding guide.

While embossing on the front cover is not a necessity when designing a memorable folder, it can help your company name and logo stand out both visually and to the touch.

3. Leave Behind Flyer Sample

Leave Behind Flyer

High-quality flyers are essential sales leave behind for promoting a specific product or service to your customers and prospects that you can leave behind after a sales call or tradeshow encounter.

This example shows the most important aspect of a leave behind flyer which is clean, concise, and has easy to read information. It’s important to remember that you have less space for your messaging, as flyers are typically a one page leave behind with only a front and back. So, make sure the information gets to the point, is easy to read, and has a clear call to action.

The above flyer makes good use of a grid layout, so it hits multiple points without making the flyer confusing and crowded. The leave behind flyer uses easy to read and appropriately sized fonts to make the information more scannable. It also uses photos that complement the information.

4. Infographic Book Sample

Infographic Book

Infographic books are important sales leave behinds that give your customer a visual to help understand the importance of the product or service that you’re selling.

You can see the graphics in the leave behind book sample break down the information explained in each section, making the data easier to understand and read. The piece also does an effective job of varying the graph types so that the information does not seem redundant, and the reader does not get bored.

It’s important to also incorporate photos, pictures, or other imagery that complements the data throughout the infographic book to tie everything together into a piece that informs and promotes.

5. Leave Behind Business Cards Sample

Leave behind business cards.

According to data from a survey of business professionals, 72% stated that they judge a company based on their business cards. The sales rep business card sample above may seem like a simple design at first, but it conveys a lot to the prospective customer in a clear and concise way.

First, the company’s name, representative’s name, and all their contact information are easy to read and easy to find. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds for your customer to identify all of your contact information.

The leave behind business card example above also uses a clean background that draws the eyes to the contact information and logo while making this important information stand out. The business card is a standard size which is important if you want your customer to hold onto your card. While custom shaped business cards can be effective, odd-size cards that don't fit into pockets, wallets, or card holders often get tossed.

One of the unique things about this business card is that the type of business and brand is reflected in the color and paper stock which helps leave an impression in the customer's mind and builds strong brand recognition.

6. Leave Behind Booklet Sample

Leave Behind Booklets

Sales leave behind booklets are visually stimulating sales materials that are perfect for companies that have multiple products or services, colors, or finishes that they would like to show to the customer.

Sometimes you need to present the customer or prospect with more information than can be put together in a brochure. The above booklet sample incorporates both photos and white space in a way that can break up the content for the reader and make the information easier to digest.

The booklet also does a good job sectioning the data and focusing on short, information-dense pieces of content so the main points can be highlighted and scanned quickly.

7. Leave Behind Promotional Product Sample

Leave Behind Promotional Products

In a study conducted by the PPAI, data showed that 52% of the participants engaged in business with an advertiser who provided a promotional product as a leave behind.

The above leave behind promotional items are good examples of effective sales leave behinds that can get repeat exposure. The printed portion in these is simple with just a logo and company name. The products are usable and will help to keep your name in front of the customer on a repeated basis and in front of others who might come into contact with your customer or prospect.

It’s important to remember that most promotional pieces are primarily for exposure so keeping the name prevalent is the most important part.

8. Leave Behind Rack Card Sample

Leave Behind Rack Cards

Rack cards are small sales materials—typically 4”x9”—usually left on tables or front counters as takeaways when customers stop in. They’re also effective when used as leave behinds for sales reps or as after sales cards.

The sales leave behind sample above shows a good layout for rack cards, which should include highlighted information that you would like your client to focus on while still keeping it easy to read quickly. The photos on the piece highlight what the text is discussing and attract the reader’s eye.

Additionally, much of the information is bulleted to draw attention to the specifics and make the information stand out to the reader. Since the space on a rack card is significantly less than a brochure or sell sheet, you’ll want to make sure you discuss only the most important information.

9. Leave Behind Sticker Sample

Sales Leave Behind Stickers

The longer you can keep your company name and brand message in front of a customer, the more likely they are to engage with your business at some point. Window clings, stickers, and magnets are often put up for long periods and will create exposure for your company to anyone who passes by.

In a recent study of consumers who received promotional products like stickers and magnets, 40% of those consumers surveyed said they have kept hold of a promo product for more than ten years, showing the longevity of these types of sales leave behinds. 

In the above samples, the logo is prevalent. This will keep the company name in front of the customer on a regular basis, thus increasing brand awareness and the chances they become not only a customer but a repeat customer.

Make An Impression With Sales Leave Behinds

Make a great impression well after you’ve left the building by providing your customers and prospects with the effective sales leave behinds listed above.

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