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How to Get the Most out of Large Format Printing

Starting up a new business or perhaps having a big sale and want to get a lot of attention? Maybe your organization is having an event and you want to promote it in a big way. Regardless of your purpose, if you want to get a lot of attention, using large format printing is a great way to get big results.

When thinking of large format, signs or banners may be the first items that come to mind. Banners are a great way to quickly draw attention and draw in foot traffic to your business or event. Even if potential customers do not make it through your doors initially, seeing a banner multiple times in passing can often inspire them to make the trip into your business. Particularly effective for large clearance sales or special events, a large eye-catching banner is the way to go. It is important to note that banners and signs are much less expensive than other advertising and marketing methods such as television or radio.

The sizing of banners or signs can also reflect the size of your sale or the event you are promoting. Non-Profit groups often use smaller yard signs as an unobstructive way to promote ongoing events such as fundraisers or causes that are important to the organization. On the other hand, a car dealership may have an enormous banner created for a once a year clearance event they are having.

Posters are another large format option to consider when you are coming up with a strategy for promoting your business or organization. Slightly more cost effective than banners, posters can be distributed and placed strategically throughout an area more rapidly than large banners. Again the idea is to expose your potential customers to your brand in a way that catches their eye as many times as possible. By seeing a large poster with your branding on it repeatedly an individual is more likely to remember your business or organization and act on your message.

Particularly popular for promoting events such as concerts or gatherings, posters can be designed with a large, event related image to catch a person’s eye. Once an individual’s attention has been captured by the graphic, a poster also contains the absolutely essential information such as date, time and location.

Large format flyers are a third option that is great for promoting your organization and bringing your brand to the attention of new clientele. Similar to posters but slightly smaller, a large flyer has the advantages of being passable as a leave behind but could also double as a poster in some situations. The added ability to utilize both sides of a flyer adds to their efficacy as large format marketing options.

Flyers can he handed out as a directed marketing material, with a graphic based design on one side and a more information based design on the other. In some cases a flyer could be posted in a high traffic area like a poster might be, but with a smaller size they can be easily taken by someone interested. Also since flyers are a more manageable size than a poster or banner, they could be left behind at a tradeshow or conference with business cards or brochures. The design of your flyer can grab attention and bring people to take the time to check out the information that it contains.

In many cases bigger is better, especially when you want to bring as much attention to your message as possible. Large format printing is the easiest and most effective way to catch the eye of anyone who may pass by your banner, poster or flyer.

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