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What Is Propensity Mailing and How Does It Work?

What is Propensity Mailing, how does it work and why should I care?

Businesses know the importance of getting the right message to the right people. Yet they are constantly marketing to the wrong audience which is wasting them so much time and money that they could be putting into reaching the ones who are most likely going to act in their favor.

One complex marketing tool that overcomes this challenge and creates better outcomes for their business is Propensity Mailing.

When it comes to your marketing success, focusing on consumers future choices and utilizing a list with only interested individuals, can help your business generate successful results.

What is Propensity Mailing?

Propensity Mailing—also known as Propensity Marketing and Propensity Modeling—is a data-driven mailing solution that utilizes audience propensities to create a complex list of only interested consumers.

These audience propensities are data selects that are designed to predict a consumer’s behavior and creates a list of highly interested potential buyers. These selects provide you with a better understanding into an individual’s likelihood to buy or respond to your certain product or service by digging deep into a consumers interests, behaviors, purchase intent and more.

How does Propensity Mailing work?

Propensities data utilizes 49 different transactional and research partners to create over 4,000 audience propensities to deliver you an extremely comprehensive list of consumers who have a high likelihood to become your customer.

With utilizing so many advanced and combined databases, Propensity Mailing creates a model that is higher in quality compared to model lists that use a single database.


Propensity data creates an extraordinarily complex model through data selects including:

  • Demographics information
  • Buying activity
  • Media behavior
  • Purchase intent
  • Indicators of specific attitudes

Propensity list examples include:

Propensity list examples. 

One thing to keep in mind, is that there are several ways you can use propensities within your marketing campaign. You can use it as a standalone product, which even when used as a single tool, is created to consistently deliver you better response rates compared to standard model lists. You can also combine multiple audience propensities which can provide even better results.

Another was you can take advantage of Propensity Mailing is to enhance your current selects. Adding an audience propensity select to your already successful campaign, can help you bring in more leads and customers.

What are the benefits of Propensity Mailing?

Only market to individuals who are most likely interested. 

The benefits for Propensity Mailing are highly impressive. If you want to increase your leads and customers, and reach consumers before they find your competitor, you should consider Propensity Mailing.

With Propensity Mailing you can effectively target individuals who are likely to act in your favor and target consumers who previously were unreachable even through a standard targeted mailing list. The benefits do not stop their either. Taking advantage of a Propensity Mailing list, saves you time, money, increases your leads and brings you in more customers. Why wouldn’t you care?

How does Propensity Mailing Save me money?

Using Propensity Modeling within your marketing can help save you money because audience propensities find the right people for you, you will be sending your marketing materials to only the ideal type of purchasers. The elimination of uninterested or unlikely to buy consumers enables you to save a tremendous amount of money when you are planning for your marketing campaign. Marketing to individuals who are likely to ignore or unsubscribe, will not move forward in your offers, or will simply throw away your direct mail piece results in money lost on unnecessary marketing tactics.

How does Propensity Mailing bring in more customers?

When you take advantage of a comprehensive solution like Propensity Mailing, you are already guaranteed to have more luck with bringing in more customers. What makes propensity data different is that you only target consumers who are interested in your product or service. This means the people you will market to are already more likely—than any other targeted model list or any other solution—going to want to learn more about your business or proceed with a purchase, resulting in even more prospects becoming customers.

Propensities have proven to increase response rates by more than doubling the number of a standard targeted lists results. At Conquest Graphics we have the capabilities to create a Propensity Mailing list for you! Click below to learn more and give our propensity experts a call to get started on your campaign today!

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