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What Will Direct Mail Look Like in 2025?

The future of direct mail. 

Looking at the past of direct mail, where it is today and where it’s headed is truly a mind-blowing and ongoing saga for companies and marketing experts.

Of course, we don’t have a fortune cookie or crystal ball showing us the future of direct mail but just look at how drastically direct mail has changed in just a few short years! It’s pretty remarkable, and your business is not going to want to miss out on the road direct mail marketing is taking.

Why You Should Care About Where Direct Mail is Headed


Direct mail, like catalog mailing began way before the United States even became a country. That’s a long time of evolving for direct mail! From spending your budget on mailing to a large audience one time in hopes of generating at least one response, to today where you can spend the same amount, or even less, and reach a more targeted audience multiple times. Direct mail has truly advanced in the 21st century and what was once, according to some, considered obsolete, is now the leading marketing strategy for generating real results.

In today’s digital age, online marketing strategies have already been faced with so many challenges which have led marketers to rely on direct mail marketing. With ad blocking technology, and more advanced digital advertising loopholes developing every day, there is no denying that direct mail is going to become even more of a go-to advertising strategy for businesses in the future. This means that it is more prevalent than ever to start developing your direct mail presence today so you can stand out and be steps ahead of your competitors.

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Direct mail marketing today has become better targeted, more personalized and is delivered with speed supporting well-timed messages reaching recipients when it matters most. New technology has even allowed for direct mail to be integrated with other channels, like CRM platforms.

Here are just a few of the ways direct mail has become a leader in today’s marketing strategies.

Greater Personalization

When it comes to personalized direct mail, it isn’t just names and addresses anymore that can be customized on every single printed piece that you mail out. There is more consumer data that is available now and advanced digital printing technology like Variable Data Printing allows you to include unique QR codes, coupons, images and more to be tailormade for each of your recipients.

Name and QR Code personalization with variable data printing. 

Data Usage for Better Targeting

Whether you use a consumer mailing list or business mailing list, targeted mailing lists allow you to target the right kind of audience for your company. Today with the help of data there are even more ways to target and retarget consumers and other businesses including: Proximity Mailing, Mailbox Retargeting, Propensity Mailing and more!

Proximity Mailing is one of today’s best ways to reach an audience in a certain area. It allows you to send direct mail like postcards or brochures to the individuals who surround your business or your ideal customers who have already received help from your product or service. This is a really beneficial strategy that today’s print and marketing companies offer. This is because most people prefer to shop local and those who surround each other have similar needs, preferences, incomes and more.

When it comes to retargeting, we are all familiar with digital display ads. For example, you visited a website on your phone and are now getting ads promoting that company on your Facebook. With Mailbox Retargeting, the people who visit your website receive a direct mail piece instead of a display ad, which let’s face it, we all usually ignore anyways. With direct mail you are more likely to convert your anonymous website traffic. What’s even better, is you can send direct mail pieces along with email! Imagine this: A potential client visits your website but then leaves. An email is sent seconds after they leave and then a direct mail piece like a postcard is sent a couple days later.

Another direct mail marketing solution, which seems like it was sent from the future, is Propensity Mailing, also known as "Intent Based Mailing". This groundbreaking and advanced mailing solution uses behavioral data, buying activity and more to give you the ability to target and reach out to only the individuals who are most likely interested or who are already in-market for your product or service.

Implement direct mail into your marketing automation to make sending mail as easy as pressing "send" for an email. 

Integration with Direct Mail Automation

Integration capabilities have been changing at a rapid speed and with direct mail advancements in today's age, there are mailing solutions that let you send direct mail pieces like postcards from within your CRM software including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and HubSpot integration. Imagine sending out a postcard to a customer with a click of a button, or having a brochure be triggered along with an email to a potential customer to grow your brand awareness.

With Direct Mail Automation you can do all of this and more:

  • Send postcards to any contact, lead or company within your CRM platform with just a click of a button.
  • Set up triggers that will automatically send out your mailer along with emails and phone calls.
  • Have a direct mail piece automatically be sent based on events or actions. For example, a customer hasn’t ordered in a while, you onboard a new customer, etc.

The Future of Direct Mail

It seems as though direct mail has already advanced so much that it makes you wonder has it reached its peak? The answer to that question is pretty simple. Of course not! With direct mail once being considered slow, untargeted and everything that it isn’t today, we can only imagine where it will be and how much more success it will generate for those who use it.

Direct mail marketing will lead you to success. 

It’s safe to say that direct mail in 2025 is going to be even faster, more relevant, and targeting will become even better. Now we aren’t saying faster as in your postcards will teleport directly into your audiences' mailboxes, seconds after they visit your website—maybe in 2030—but printing presses, communications, the ordering process, and delivery services are going to become faster. Even becoming faster than it is to plan, design, size, upload and launch your display ads. Just look at how quick the process of sending direct mail is now with direct mail automation where you can send a direct mail piece with just a click of a button. Or Mailbox Retargeting where after preparation you don’t have to do anything, your website visitors automatically receive your postcard. Now imagine what else print companies are working on to make these single processes and all other direct mail solutions even better, faster, and easier.

At Conquest Graphics, we may not have developed the mailbox teleportation solution, but we have everything else that makes direct mail important today and well on its way to greater success in the future. And believe us when we say, we’ll be the first to share with you the next new thing in direct mail marketing. If you're interested in the advanced solutions that direct mail offers today, click below. You won’t regret getting your valuable message out to the people who matter most in the most effective way.

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