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The Secret Weapon for Retargeting Success

Multi-channel marketing for real success.

Retargeting and targeting campaigns are becoming more and more essential in increasing conversions and closing more sales.

But how are businesses even able to gather such attention-oriented information, enabling them to target a specific audience in multiple ways? Well, the answer is simple, by utilizing a marketing solution that applies data-driven technology like an Identity Graph to its process.

Within these comprehensive solutions, you are able to use multiple marketing channels, target a specific household or audience base, personalize your direct mail pieces, and more.

Multi-Channel Marketing

While online based targeting efforts like IP targeting or Device ID targeting can be effective, there are many drawbacks when it comes to online only retargeting campaigns. With ad blocking technology, “banner blindness” and the overall immense amount of digital overload, an online marketing strategy alone just isn’t enough. This goes for offline marketing as well. Although direct mail is one of the leading marketing strategies, combining it with an online marketing campaign such as data analytics and email marketing, can boost success rates even more.

Imagine if you were able to send a postcard along with an email to the unknown individuals that visited your website but left? Or to consumers who live around your existing customer? Now Imagine if you were able to filter those prospects based on your rules including certain age or income?

Pairing direct mail marketing with a data driven retargeting solution for multi-channel marketing, has the capabilities to accomplish all of this and more!

Data-Driven Solutions

Advanced data-driven solutions allow you to market to the consumer population that best fits your target audience. As a hyper-focused method of marketing, you can pinpoint and gain more customers by incorporating details of your customers and business’ goals.

Data-Driven Solutions for Retargeting Success 

With solutions like Mailbox Retargeting, Proximity Mailing, and Digital Listening you are able to send your marketing message to people who were previously unknown to your business.

Data-driven solutions utilize information gathered by data analytics—like Conquest’s Identity Graph—to create retargeting campaigns that are targeted to the individuals that best match your companies intended audience.

When you cater to your consumers and your business’ preferences, you have a far better chance in converting prospects into customers.

What is an Identity Graph?

An identity graph is a comprehensive database that creates linkages that connect other databases holding information associated with individual consumers. These databases are linked by Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that relates one database to another including:

Identify your unknown prospects and turn them into reachable leads. 
  • Residential addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • IP addresses
  • Device IDs
  • Cookies
  • Browser Extensions
  • Apps

With this information you are able to market to individuals who better fit your audience’s rules and demographics while also marketing through multiple channels.

One of the most successful solutions taking advantage of an identity graph is Mailbox Retargeting. With Mailbox Retargeting you are able to identify previously unknown web traffic and turn them into leads with mailable addresses. By utilizing such an extensive solution, you can easily retarget prospects using email and direct mail for the ultimate marketing campaign.

Deciding Who to Retarget

One of the greatest benefits of today's marketing and retargeting techniques, is that it utilizes data analytics and can identify a specifically targeted audience based on your preferences, including:

  • Specific geographic location (state, city, ZIP code)
  • Household type (home, apartment, etc.)
  • Consumer demographics (age, gender, marital status. etc.)

With so many filtering options it can be tricky to decide. Taking a step back and looking at what your product or service offers consumers and what your existing customers are like, can help you better choose who to target.

For example, a car dealer may want to advertise within a specific geographic parameter to individuals who are within driving distance to their dealership. If that same dealer is looking to market their higher priced vehicles, they can then filter by home income to ensure their message is reaching an accurate audience.

Likewise, if a retirement community wants to incorporate a direct mail campaign along with an email to market their new homes for sale, they are able to utilize data information to target specific consumers based on age.

There is no denying that using data driven solutions that incorporate an identity graph and multi-channel marketing for your retargeting campaign is the way to go. Have questions? Contact our experts today or check out what one of the leading multi-channel marketing solutions can do for you and get started on increasing your success rates today.

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