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Data-Driven Solutions

Data-Driven Marketing Solutions 

What Can Data Do For You?

To accomplish and exceed your business goals, data should be understood, monetized and leveraged.

In today's technological marketing world, it’s important to utilize the advancements that data can harness to help your company stand out and gain more customers. The power of data-driven solutions can convert your web traffic into leads, help you understand more about your customers, close more business and more.

Through our advanced Conquest Identity Graph techniques, we can resolve identities from billions of customer data points with industry leading match rates and accuracy.

Extensive Database

Data direct technology to create an extensive list of potential customers for your business.

Ensured Privacy

With privacy regulations intact, you can ensure all individual’s information is secure.

Integrated Marketing

Combined marketing including email and proven direct mail for truly effective results.

Faster Results

With print and mailing services in house, your data-driven campaign is quickly ready to launch.

Direct Mail CRM Integration

Direct Mail Integration

Direct Mail CRM Integration or Direct Mail Automation integrates direct mail into your CRM or marketing automation platform so you can send direct mail as easily as an email.

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Look-Alike Analysis

Look-Alike Analysis

This mailing tactic analyzes your customer data to gather a list of potential clients who have the same key characteristics as your most successful customers.

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Mailbox Retargeting

Mailbox Retargeting

Harness the power of your website. Send well-timed and relevant emails and direct mail to your anonymous website visitors to effectively convert more of your website traffic.

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Keyword Listening

Keyword Listening

Reach individuals who haven’t engaged with your company yet but are searching for your industry and competitor keywords via well-timed email and direct mail.

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Propensity Mailing for better results.

Propensity Mailing

Propensity Mailing or Intent-Driven Mailing allows you to reach individuals who are in-market and interested in what your company has to offer.

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Drive Time Mailing

Drive Time Mailing

Effectively reach potential customers who are most likely interested in your business and who live only a short drive away from your location.

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Mailbox Retargeting

Convert your anonymous web traffic into tangible leads with reachable email and residential addresses. Click here to learn more on Mailbox Retargeting.

Proximity Mailing

Target the individuals who surround your ideal customer or your business for an advanced direct mail marketing campaign. Start your Proximity Mailing campaign today.

Variable Data Printing

Easily and affordably personalize your marketing materials to be tailor-made for each of your recipients. Learn more on Variable Data now.

Advanced Mailing

Direct mail marketing options like EDDM that target consumers based on your rules and demographics. Click here to find out more today.

Look-Alike Analysis

Take advantage of data from your successful customers to create a list of potential clientele that matches the same characteristics of your best customers. Learn more on Look-Alike Analysis here.

Intent-Driven Direct Mail

Enhance your direct mail marketing campaign by reaching individuals who are in-market or who are likely to act on your product or service. Find out more on Propensity and Intent Based Mailing today.

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