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What is Mailbox Retargeting & How it Increases On-site Conversions

Mailbox retargeting allows you to connect with your anonymous web traffic in a tangible way.

The online world is advancing rapidly, and the marketing game is changing with it. Many companies are finding their usual online remarketing and retargeting strategies with display ads are just not enough. An immense amount of businesses’ web traffic remains unknown, and most of it remains unconverted when using just digital retargeting solutions.

Ad blocking software has become more resourceful and ads that successfully go through are often ignored. Users experience “banner blindness” and have learned to ignore content that resembles ads, is close to ads, or appears in locations traditionally dedicated to ads. Today’s digital marketer needs to work harder, bring back unconverted “intenders”, and consider alternatives to overcome these obstacles to higher conversions.

By using a combination of physical, direct mail and online marketing, companies are now finding they are better able to engage and retarget anonymous web traffic in a powerful and successful way.

What is Mailbox Retargeting?

Mailbox Retargeting sits at the powerful intersection of digital and direct mail, thanks to programmatic technology and personalized print messaging.

Instead of retargeting website visitors using only online efforts such as pop up ads or display ads, Mailbox Retargeting takes anonymous web traffic and turns it into leads with mailable addresses. This allows businesses to reconnect with prospects and lead them back to their site by using the power of direct mail and email.

With the ability to make a connection between direct mail marketing and digital marketing, Mailbox Retargeting combines the strengths of both for the perfect retargeting solution.

How does Mailbox Retargeting increase conversions?

Digital retargeting and display retargeting are only seen digitally while Mailbox Retargeting takes the marketing message to the next level in a physical, tangible way.

To put it simply, not everyone engages with ads. Display ads on websites can be an effective way to retarget, but it isn’t guaranteed that prospects will take notice and return to the site in the intended manner. However, everyone checks their mailbox.

Integrate direct mail into your retargeting strategy to improve your conversion rates and ROI.

How does Mailbox Retargeting work?

Mailbox Retargeting uses sophisticated technology to help increase onsite conversions.

By implementing a tag or pixel on a website, every visitor is identified and run through an extensive database. Identifying information is gathered on the anonymous website visitors, turning them into prospects reachable by direct mail and email. To drive conversion, a business should tailor messaging to the user’s online activity, and mailbox retargeting does just that. In fact, if for example a user clicks on a certain BBQ grill and then exits the site before buying, we can send that user a postcard with a photo of the very grill they were researching…now that’s targeted, customized message!

The comprehensive database capabilities allow businesses to choose exactly who they retarget, including:

  • Inclusion or exclusion according to visitor’s actions (clicked on a specific button, visited for more than three minutes, etc.)
  • Suppress current customers
  • A certain geographic area (state, city, zip code)
  • Specific demographics (age groups, married couples, homeowners, etc.)

Using rules and demographics, a business can choose who to retarget and a direct mail piece is sent to those homes. Along with a direct mail piece, the Mailbox Retargeting solution can also provide an email address that can be useful to boost the power of the retargeting plan.

To sum it up, Mailbox Retargeting takes anonymous web traffic and refocuses attention through the power of direct mail. Prospects then return to the site, increasing conversions.

Direct mail has shown to be an effective marketing tool and when combined with retargeting strategies plus follow up email, allows businesses to more successfully turn anonymous web traffic into customers.

Who uses Mailbox Retargeting?

Any business with a website who wants to add the proven power of direct mail to their retargeting strategies can benefit from Mailbox Retargeting. Many digital marketers are now taking advantage of this remarkable technology because it fills in the gaps and adds higher onsite conversion rates compared to remarketing or digital retargeting.

Mailbox Retargeting is used effectively by businesses with high value goods or services including car dealerships, insurance providers, furniture retailers, jewelry stores, home improvement, wedding sites and many more. These types of products and services are not typically an “impulse buy” and are more of a “considered purchase”. A considered purchase typically has a longer purchase cycle that requires some research and comparison before making the decision to buy. Mailbox Retargeting keeps businesses on the consumer's mind during their decision-making process. With the right marketing strategy and the right message, any size business can begin targeting and converting prospects into customers.

When a website visitor leaves your site, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye forever. Send them something tangible to engage with and bring them back to your site wanting more!

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