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The Complete Guide to Direct Mail Automation

Implement direct mail into your marketing automation to make sending mail as easy as pressing "send" for an email.

Implement Direct Mail Into Your Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has become an increasingly powerful tool for businesses. The ability to quickly and easily connect with consumers through online marketing platforms has proven to be game-changing. Yet the growing prevalence of digital noise has made using automated emails alone, difficult in contacting and successfully engaging with consumers.

That is why businesses are finding that implementing direct mail into their marketing automation is creating the needed edge for them to stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers on a higher level.

Traditionally direct mail wasn’t used like it is today. Although it has always been a proven marketing strategy, it was expensive and inaccessible due to the process of printing and mailing that had to be in bulk. It was also considered slow and manual—in contrast to today’s direct mail marketing strategies.

A lot has changed in the 21st century to create more affordable mailing, and marketers are finding direct mail is more effective than ever before when implemented into their marketing automation. Direct mail automation is something every business needs to consider, and we have the complete guide for you to integrate direct mail into your marketing automation platform.

What is Direct Mail Automation?

Direct mail automation is an advanced marketing strategy that allows you to add direct mail as a touch point in your CRM sales or marketing platform just as easy as sending an email.

This direct mail solution combines the advanced technology of CRM workflows—including HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and more—with proven and effective direct mail marketing. It harnesses your customer data within your business’s marketing system and creates dynamic and easy to send mailers like postcards and brochures.

Direct mail automation helps CRM users interact with their audience in a way that:

  • Builds stronger customer relationships
  • Engages with prospects on a higher level
  • Bypasses online clutter that comes with email and other digital marketing efforts
  • Increases overall company ROI
  • Helps them standout from their competitors in a powerful way
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Integrate direct mail into your marketing automation with Conquest Graphics.

How Does Direct Mail Automation Work?

Tech-friendly print and marketing companies like Conquest Graphics, make the process of direct mail automation easy. All you have to do to get started is install an app into your CRM platform and upload your postcard designs (using as many themes or versions as you’d like).

Once you’re setup, you can:

  • Send a postcard to any contact, lead, or company with the click of a single button.
  • Automatically send postcards based on events or actions. For example, send a “Welcome” postcard when you onboard a new customer, or a “Miss You” mailer if it’s been more than 90 days between orders.
  • Triggers can be combined with your existing marketing campaign to align with emails, phone calls, etc – this provides you with true omni-channel marketing.
  • Technology even allows you to track delivery and responses.

Automating Intelligently With Integrated Direct Mail

Adding direct mail into your marketing automation allows you to send on-demand and event driven direct mail campaigns with just a few clicks and as easy as sending your automated emails. This means that you don’t have to create a mailing list or add in separate addresses because this comprehensive automation tool uses your contacts within your CRM and harnesses the addresses by inputting them into the design with no effort form you or your team.

Because in the past direct mail marketing was considered challenging it is important to note that direct mail is no longer: expensive, badly targeted, unable to be tracked, inaccessible and sluggish. Infact, with solutions like direct mail automation, sending out direct mail is the complete opposite.

On-Demand Direct Mail Automation

Send direct mail as easy as an email. 

Thanks to the state-of-the-art advancements in printing and mailing services, low-quantity and on-demand direct mail is faster and more affordable than ever before. Solutions like targeting anonymous web traffic with a postcard is even possible now making direct mail automation a necessity for businesses who want to grow their success.

On-demand print capabilities within your direct mail automation, allow you to send a single direct mail piece to anyone within your CRM marketing platform just as easy as sending them an email. All you do is:

  • Select any recipient you would like to reach
  • Choose and configure your design
  • And press "send"

Triggered Direct Mail Automation

If you use your CRM platform for sales or marketing purposes, you are probably already triggering emails to be sent. With those emails though, you aren’t getting the response rates you could be getting if you were also using direct mail. In fact, 90% of direct mail gets opened compared to email which only has a 20-30% open rate according to Data and Marketing Association. 

Direct mail is a time-tested marketing channel that generates proven and substantial return on investment. Pairing direct mail with your marketing automation, creates strong brand awareness and increases ROI of both marketing channels by seamlessly connecting the digital and physical world.

With direct mail automation, you can set up triggered, event-driven direct mail pieces or drip campaigns that can be sent as part of your marketing strategy when:

  • A specific email is sent to a contact
  • If an email receives no response
  • When someone becomes a new customer
  • If there is a special event within your marketing campaign
  • When a contact hasn't been reached in a while

Traceable Direct Mail

Implement direct mail into your marketing automation to make sending mail as easy as pressing "send" for an email. 

Due to the intelligence of integrated direct mail and robust marketing automation platforms, you can see exactly when your direct mail piece is delivered. Along with delivery tracking you can also track responses by adding a unique URL, phone number or email address so anyone who visits, calls or emails using your custom information and contact, you know they engaged with your direct mail piece. Some printing and marketing companies even offer variable data printing so you can insert a unique QR code for your recipient to scan. This allows you to see who visited your website, social media or app based on your direct mail campaign.

Never before has it been so easy and affordable to send direct mail and now you can even send direct mail like postcards just as easy an email within your CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and so many others! If you are interested in increasing your success with direct mail automation, click below or check out some of our other advanced mailing solutions today! We are happy to answer any questions and are excited to help your get started.

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