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Implement Direct Mail Into Your Marketing Automation

Implement direct mail into your marketing automation to make sending mail as easy as pressing "send" for an email.

The complete guide to direct mail marketing automation

Marketing automation has become an increasingly powerful tool for businesses. The ability to quickly and easily connect with consumers through online marketing platforms has proven to be game-changing. Yet the growing prevalence of automated marketing has made contacting consumers through multiple marketing channels more crucial than ever.

Businesses are finding that implementing direct mail into their marketing automation is creating the needed edge for them to stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers on a higher level.

Traditionally direct mail wasn’t used like it is today. It was expensive and inaccessible due to the process of printing and mailing that had to be in bulk. It was also considered slow and manual—in contrast to today’s automated direct mail marketing strategies.

A lot has changed in the 21st century to create more affordable mailing, and marketers are finding direct mail is more effective than ever before when implemented into their marketing automation.

Direct mail marketing automation is something every business needs to consider, and we have the complete guide for you to implement direct mail into your marketing automation.

What is direct mail automation?

Direct mail automation combines the advanced technology of marketing automation with proven direct mail. With doing so you’re able to trigger a direct mail piece that coincides with your email, send out mailers effortlessly to your audience, and even send out personalized direct mail materials.

Direct mail is a time-tested marketing channel that generates proven and substantial return on investment. Pairing direct mail with your marketing automation, creates strong brand awareness and increases ROI of both marketing channels by seamlessly connecting the digital and physical world.

Integrate direct mail into your marketing automation with Conquest Graphics.

Implementing direct mail

Implementing direct mail into your marketing automation has a few paths it can follow. Although these characteristics are often mingled together; it is good to know the unique directions your automated direct mail marketing can go.

Integrated direct mail automation

The key to achieving results in any of your marketing efforts is consistency and reliability. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by setting up an automated workflow for your marketing efforts. Popular marketing automation platforms like CRM and ordering portals have made it very easy to implement a flawless marketing campaign. Until recently it was difficult to add direct mail to automated platforms but printers like Conquest Graphics have created solutions that make sending out an automated direct mail piece—or a direct mail piece and email—as easy as sending a single email.

Implement direct mail into your marketing automation to make sending mail as easy as pressing "send" for an email. 

Direct mail automation can harness the customer data your business has in its marketing system to create dynamic direct mail pieces that will engage customers like never before. One example includes the option to easily and automatically send your customers a promotional card wishing them happy birthday by utilizing the information within your system.

Another successful integrated automation opportunity that is available is ordering portals. Ordering portals or web-to-print is a tailor-made interface that allows you and your employees to quickly access, design, and order printed materials, direct mail, and digital assets.

In addition, online ordering portals provide an automated inventory tracking, managing and fulfillment solution to keep materials and assets consistent companywide.

With the ability to integrate with your marketing/CRM system or within a portal, direct mail is easily automated for the perfect way to reach your audience.

Automated personalized direct mail

Direct mail automaton allows for personalized mailing to be sent out with very little effort. Direct mail has already proven to engage consumers on a higher level compared to online marketing efforts. This means personalized mailers provide for an even more effective connection with your audience.

Solutions like variable data printing is an effective and affordable way in personalizing your direct mail marketing campaign. Using your business’ native files, variable printing allows for custom content including names, images, and more to be changed from one direct mail piece to the next to give your audience a more personal experience.

With a robust marketing automation platform along with implementing variable digital printing, sending out personalized direct mail pieces can be as easy as sending out an automated email.

Communicating on a unique level by taking advantage of solutions like automated personalized mailers will make your business stand out from your competitors.

Triggered direct mail automation

Consumers have more control over communication channels than ever before. Ad-blocking software has made it increasingly difficult to reach customers via online marketing channels like web advertising. Adding direct mail to your marketing efforts bypasses the technology that keeps your business's message from reaching consumers.

Advanced printing and mailing services now allow for low quantities of materials to be sent at an affordable price. If your email workflow has triggers that are set on timers or when a customer interacts with your business in some way, you can send out a direct mail piece on-demand when those triggers are hit.

Using an automated direct mail solution like direct mail retargeting or mailbox retargeting, allows you to turn previously unknown web traffic into leads you can reach by automated direct mail and email.

The possibilities are limitless with direct mail automation. Never before has it been so easy to implement direct mail into your marketing automation workflow. If you are interested in implementing direct mail into your marketing automation, contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions and are excited to help you get started.

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