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Nonprofit Grant Program

  • Braille Circulating Library Used Case Study

    Print will always be recognized as a viable means for the Braille Circulating Library to communicate in advertising. It’s basic, it’s relational, and it can be read without relying upon electronic devices.

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  • Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.

    In our 5th year of publishing Musicwoman Magazine, we are pursuing a distribution deal to put the magazines at newsstands in airports around the country and the world. This would be a boon to our success and put these magazines in the hands of people, globally.

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  • Spartatroniks

    Our team also has taken pride in the community around us! We use weekly newsletters to explain to parents what their students have accomplished throughout the week. We also include a safety star in every newsletter, a student who was chosen for being especially safe that week.

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  • Children

    Direct mail is an important tool we use at CMoR to keep our members and community involved and updated on museum operations, events, and outcomes. We use direct mail to send our printed year end appeal which invites our broader community to support and donate to our mission.

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  • Bon Secours

    We send 12-page newsletters three times a year to approximately 500 people. Through this newsletter, we can share what is happening within the overall program, a message from current volunteers, updates from alumni, and hear from those positively affected by the program.

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  • Conundrum

    Print and direct mail helps promote our message and get the word out to our community, from audience members to prospective actors, to kids and their parents looking to get involved in our shows, workshops, and summer camps.

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  • The Farm

    With the use of newsletters, brochures, postcards, and reply cards, we were able to connect more effectively with several individuals; our supporters, churches, schools, financial partners, and local families.

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  • Road to Life Church

    Printed material remains one of our most effective means for introducing ourselves to those who are unfamiliar with us, creating meaningful connection with people new to our community.

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  • Camp Orchard Hill Logo

    Last year we launched a postcard campaign to increase our rental business. Conquest Graphics produced high quality postcards that got results. We saw a 50% increase in our rental groups that was due in part to the marketing campaign.

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  • New Nonprofit Grant Program Logo

    Printed materials has been an effective tool for promoting the benefits and ongoing nutrition and health information. The Program has been able to design more culturally appropriate printed educational materials that are widely accepted within the tribal community.

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  • Day Solutions Foundation

    Each year, instead of a traditional year-end report we create a print calendar for the new year and highlight our programs and services provided during the current year through pictures and banners in the calendar.

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  • Lake Lundgren Bible Camp

    Where our marketing and print needs come into play is simply a way to educate people about the options that are here for them to experience. On an annual basis we currently send out 3 printed brochures that outline our programs and show potential attendees what the benefits of time away at camp can be.

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  • La Salle Retreat Center

    Direct mail is so important to us! It keeps our guests informed about La Salle Retreat Center -new programs, services, educational articles, fundraising needs. We also print a calendar each year with beautiful pictures of our property.

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  • HCASA-Logo

    We also print flyers and create promotional signage to raise awareness for our annual Home for Good playhouse giveaway event. Playhouses are the perfect visual of a safe, happy, and healthy childhood. We partner with local builders to create, display, and give away one-of-a-kind playhouses that are on display at Short Pump Town Center. This is our signature fundraising event that allows Henrico CASA to serve the children referred to us for advocacy services.

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  • Chanco on the James

    While much of the world is digital, we find that our Annual Fund and scholarship solicitation print mailings have a greater return rate than our eNewsletter, emails, or social media.

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  • Minnesota Music Educators Association Logo

    We print a variety of materials annually, namely a resource book for attendees to a professional development conference. We provide a resource book with QR codes that direct to materials for music teachers state wide.

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  • American Friends of Gal Einai

    Our weekly booklet project delivers messages of hope and inspiration to thousands of readers. These booklets are based on the teachings of world-renowned Jewish mysticism expert Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh and his organization, American Friends of Gal Einai. In Hebrew, "Gal Einai" means "open my eyes," and it represents our commitment to rendering the hidden, inner dimension of Torah a source of wonder, inspiration, and insight for all.

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