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American Friends of Gal Einai

We are writing to request funding for our weekly booklet project, which delivers messages of hope and inspiration to thousands of readers. These booklets are based on the teachings of world-renowned Jewish mysticism expert Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh and his organization, American Friends of Gal Einai. In Hebrew, "Gal Einai" means "open my eyes," and it represents our commitment to rendering the hidden, inner dimension of Torah a source of wonder, inspiration, and insight for all.

American Friends of Gal Einai 

Under the leadership of Rabbi Ginsburgh, our goal is to open the world's eyes to Divine consciousness and spread God's good light to every household, classroom, and community on earth. At American Friends of Gal Einai, our central goal is to encourage the study of Torah, particularly from the perspective of its inner dimension as revealed in the teachings of Kabbalah and Chassidut. The Torah is God's greatest gift to humanity, and it is relevant to all people, both Jews and non-Jews. Studying the Torah, committing to it, and applying its teachings in your everyday life has the power to change your life as an individual.

In Kabbalah and Chassidut, we learn that God is all and all is God. He is everywhere, in every facet of our lives. Our challenge is to discover God and connect to Him in all that we do. The more that this consciousness prevails, the closer we will come to the revelation of Mashiach. The light of God's loving-kindness will permeate the world, bringing health, happiness, and true peace to all.

Rabbi Ginsburgh's teachings on Jewish mysticism cover a wide range of topics, from the mundane to the sublime. In his innovative books and lectures, he elucidates even the most abstract concepts in Jewish mysticism and relates them to contemporary issues in science, psychology, mathematics, marriage, economy, education, meditation, parenting, philosophy, medicine, politics, and the arts. These teachings, which are geared toward people of all backgrounds, reach thousands of people throughout the world and show us how to incorporate Divine consciousness into every aspect of our lives.

It is encouraging to see these booklets in synagogues and other places of worship. However, the cost of designing and printing these booklets can be considerable, and we often struggle to meet the demand. As a result, we frequently run out of copies and some readers are left waiting for their chance to read. We believe that by increasing the number of booklets we can produce, we can reach even more people and spread the teachings of the Bible to a wider audience.

In Jewish belief, the act of giving charity is highly regarded. Both the Zohar and the Talmud teach that everything has a particular conduit of abundance through which it can be sustained and can provide blessings for others. We believe that American Friends of Gal Einai's most powerful conduit is the spreading of the inner teachings of the Bible, and that by radiating the inner light of the Bible, we have been blessed as a conduit for spiritual and physical abundance.

We are grateful for your consideration of our request and for any support you can provide. Your efforts to support us and our Wonders booklets will be a source of blessings in all things physical and spiritual for you and yours.

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