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Women in Jazz South Florida Inc

Let's hear it one more time for Conquest Graphics. This year, our $1,000 printing grant was a total surprise. It's been a year of change and movement because we moved from Florida to North Carolina in June 2022. We were so concentrated on our relocation that we did not have time to promote the link for people to vote for us. We shared the link in January, February, and March. But packing and moving stopped this process. Nevertheless, we won a $1,000 printing grant that enabled us to print magazines for an important festival in February 2023 in Florida. We cannot tell you how surprising this gift was.

Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.

So, we're still in business, promoting women musicians and men in music with our two publications Musicwoman Magazine and Musicman Magazine. They are so beautiful that we cannot keep the physical copies. People love them and we are proud to be recipients of the 2023 Free Printing Grant from Conquest Graphics.

Now, we are planning the 2023 issues that will feature Singers and Horns. Our graphic designer Jodylynn Talevi loves working with Conquest Graphics staff. They make our jobs so easy by checking the dimensions, page count, paper weight, number of copies, and the various addresses we send them to. Every artist and writer featured in the past magazines have commented on the wonderful quality of our publications. They all want more magazines to share with their fans. However, the rising cost of paper, since the pandemic, has limited our ability to order large quantities of our publications. So, the printing grant makes our lives so much better.

This year, we will make sure we get plenty of votes, so we can win more in 2024! In our 5th year of publishing Musicwoman Magazine, we are pursuing a distribution deal to put the magazines at newsstands in airports around the country and the world. This would be a boon to our success and put these magazines in the hands of people, globally. The magazines are so impressive that an anonymous donor gave our nonprofit $10,000 to begin working on the 2023 issues and to print some of the past issues to be distributed at music festivals. It is always so great when people recognize the work you do and want to enable you to do it.

Another donor gave us $1,000 in 2022, to print more copies of Musicman Magazine. He agreed to donate another $1,000 in 2023. This is just so awesome. We are appreciative of these three generous donations from Conquest Graphic and our two anonymous donors. It gives us motivation and inspiration to continue telling the stories of men and women musicians who may not get the recognition from the music industry that they truly deserve. These gifts will go far, and we will make sure that everyone knows how fortunate we are to have the love and gifts to move us forward. We are winners! Thanks so much Conquest Graphics for your continued support of nonprofits like ours!

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