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Connect Ministries Inc.

The FARM at Connect Ministries Inc. is a Mentoring Program that is offered to students in kindergarten through high school who have experienced emotional trauma. Students in the program have the opportunity to find hope and healing in Christ as they build long-term relationships with Christian adults and as their social, emotional and spiritual needs are addressed. The FARM values being: disciples of Christ, intentionally relational, a refuge for the hurting, and stewards and partners in God's creation. Our prayer is that students would experience new life as they are FREED from sin and shame, ADOPTED into God’s family, live a life ROOTED in Christ, and are MATURED to serve.

The Farm 

In 2020, The FARM started on the property of a local Christian camp for children that have experienced trauma. Unfortunately, doors are closing at the camp. Because of this, a path forward for The FARM at Connect Ministries Inc. has been sought, planned, and already begun. The Farm is a needed and effective kingdom building ministry that is wanted and needed by many local families. Since the close of the local camp, The FARM has been launched as an independent 501c3 and will continue serving families at a new location in April 2023.

Connect Ministries knows that the camp's partnership with Conquest Graphics is one of the key reasons that The FARM's mentoring program was launched well. Starting a new program meant that many promotional items were needed to communicate professionally, efficiently, and clearly. With the use of newsletters, brochures, postcards, and reply cards, we were able to connect more effectively with several individuals; our supporters, churches, schools, financial partners, and local families.

Moving forward as a new 501c3, many of these start up projects are going to require those same launching and promotional materials again. With having had a great experience with Conquest Graphics already, it was no question that Connect Ministries Inc. would use the company for their printing projects moving forward. The FARM will need to communicate with old and new supporters the plans and goals for the program.

Connect Ministries Inc. knows that Conquest Graphics and their generous grants helped the camp to operate more efficiently and effectively over the years. New promotional items will help with this fresh start in The FARMs efforts to convey the same message it has the last 3 years. Connect Ministries is excited to partner with Conquest Graphics to print its daily operational needed materials; envelopes, return envelopes, business cards, and letterhead... as well as all of its promotional items; brochures, fundraising postcards, and reply cards.

Connect Ministries Inc. will partner with Conquest Graphics to mail directly to families in our area as well as printing extras to be handed out at in person events and through our local schools and churches. Brochures will be used in the efforts of recruiting new mentees, mentors, and volunteers. There are a number of ways to be a part of The FARM family at Connect Ministries Inc. The ministry relies greatly on the amazing community of volunteers who keep the program safe, beautiful and functional for the kids and families we are privileged to serve. From mentoring, to grounds-keeping, gardening, and in every area in between, The FARM will need an effective, professional, and clear way of communicating with individuals. We believe Conquest Graphics will help the ministry accomplish this.

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