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Road to Life Church

Road to Life Church is a 501©3 religious organization with two locations in Northwest Indiana. Over the past twelve years, we have reached thousands of people, many from lower income neighborhoods, and brought a message of hope for families and individuals who are hurting and need a hand up.

Road to Life Church

Our mission is to help people realize and reach their potential in Christ—in laymen’s terms, to help them realize they are valuable and their life has incredible purpose and potential! We have help lift literally thousands of people, including many with addictions, those debilitated by dysfunctional family environments and even hundreds of prisoners in the Westville Correctional facility.

The power of our message and ministry is that it applies to everyone—from those living on the streets to wealthy business owners—anyone who is experiencing any form of emptiness or brokenness in their life who needs hope or has a desire for a more fulfilled, peaceful, and productive life.

We have several social media and online venues we employ to reach people, but printed material remains one of our most effective means for introducing ourselves to those who are unfamiliar with us, creating meaningful connection with people new to our community, providing relevant information upcoming events, and providing a concise and effective means for our members to provide information to us.

We use high-quality full color two-sided business card-sized invitation cards that our members pass out everywhere we go, complete with a QR code to provide easy access to our website for interested potential guests. We also have a larger 5.5” x 8.5” invite tool of the same quality, with more information, which we use for targeted individuals who are members know.

We have printed and distributed thousands of two-sided full color high quality invitation door hangers which we use to promote special events.

We have full color double sided tri-fold brochures we distribute to our members to communicate in-house upcoming programs and events.

We have a ministry called Celebrate Recovery which is a faith-based 12 step recovery program, that has dozens of different educational pamphlets providing information to current or potential participants on a variety of topics the ministry addresses.

We use printed forms to collect information from every one of our guests so we can serve them better. We then use the information they provide and create a handwritten thank you card and combine that with multiple other printed items, and we deliver this thank you packet to every guest within three days of their initial visit.

We also send a highly professional preprinted letter via mail to each one of theses guests during the week of their first visit.

Additionally, we have cafés inside each of our locations, and we use pre-printed coupon cards that we provide to our guests so that they can enjoy complimentary items from the café.

Once our guests become members and decide to take their next step of growth within the community, we have them complete a pre-printed form indicating their interest in becoming a Hero (volunteer) to help serve in one of the various church ministries.

Additionally, as guests or members take other steps forward in their faith, we have them complete a pre-printed form that we use to contact them for upcoming discipleship program meetings.

Finally, we use banners to communicate heart-felt messages to people passing by on the street or entering onto our property, such as “NO PERFECT PEOPLE ALLOWED” or “WELCOME HOME” or “LIFE IS HERE”.

So as you can clearly see, printed material is a huge component of our external and internal communications. Being an organization funded solely through contributions, as you can imagine we have a very tight budget and need to invest all of our resources wisely.

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