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Nonprofit Grant Program

  • The League of Utah Writers Use Case Study

    Print is the core function of the League of Utah Writers. The written word is something we all find sacrosanct and work harder each day to bend to our will.

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    We use event flyers for every performance with up to 500 posters printed. We use postcards for lobby/ reception areas or to pass out to colleagues, etc. We use flyers for festivals and parades to be passed out by the masses. Print is still a main means for advertising and to help spread word of mouth promotions.

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  • suny-corning-logo-header-2x

    Other printing needs include instruction sheets for scholarship applications, event posters, and postcards. While Corning Community College is a separate entity, they do have additional printing needs that we can occasionally help with especially when in come to recruiting needs. Corning Community College occasionally uses direct mailing to recruit area students, promote events on campus, and make special announcements.

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  • San Angelo Area Foundation

    We will have a series of flyers, a direct mail piece and more over this multi-year project to keep the public informed and garner much needed support to move this forward.

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  • Dive Pirates Foundation

    At our annual gala, our print graphics with the invitation help us create the program, and then the PowerPoint, etc. for a real consistent look across the board.

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    Our nonprofit uses print and direct mail to help accomplish its mission by printing Newsletters and making copies of flyers to post around the school and to hand out to the parents. Secondly, when we have fundraisers we need to print and make copies for the students to send home to their parents, because not every parent is tech savvy enough to log into a Social Media page and follow us in order to be up to date with the current events, so we always have to have more than one way of getting the information to the parents.

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  • bUneke

    We have printed 26 issues that ranged from 8 pages to 78 pages and have returned to the 8-page format, to be able to afford it. Issue 26 had all its stories posted on our blog, with the 8 page print version as a representation of what we would have liked to have printed. Unfortunately, we have not been able to afford direct mail and look forward to crossing the cost barrier with your grant.

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  • CSI Logo

    We send direct mail printed newsletters, annual appeals and invitations for fundraising events including our annual gala. We also use print services for thank you cards, letterheads, custom envelopes, flyers, posters and business cards.

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  • Street Dog Hero

    As for how we plan to use print and direct mail to promote our non profit and our mission - to start, this calendar we will sell at events all over the state of Oregon and on our website and socials. We'd also love to start doing direct mail campaigns which is something we have never done before but know it can be very effective if done right and at the right price point as printing and mailing is very expensive.

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  • B17_Alliance

    The Rack card was a clean easy to read piece that immediately told the viewer who we were and what we offered. It was designed with eye catching impactful images on the top of the card to grab the attention of the viewer and potential target audience.

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  • Writers Cubed

    Writers Cubed is working on plans to get flyers for librarians and teachers to again help spread the word.

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  • NPO

    Our organization has used the direct mail process more than needed due to the generational difference we have in our area. It is mostly the grandparents raising children in Harlan due to their parents becoming addicts. We understand that it is easier for the elders in our area to see it for themselves before signing their children up for camp.

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  • grahams-foundation-logo-lg

    Given that our care packages are completely branded with Graham's Foundation, we require a printing partner to help us meet the needs to fulfill the constant demand for our care packages from parents, friends, family and the staff and neonatal intensive care units.

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  • Hanover Cares

    At local outreach events we attend, such as National Night Out, health fairs, Ashland First Fridays, and other community-sponsored events, we use print marketing to share alcohol and drug abuse awareness and print messaging.

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  • Sanctification Minisrty

    Printing has helped us in the past reaching out to more people than we would otherwise have. We were able to handout the flyers but also put them on small ad boards and in some stores where people could pick them up.

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  • Communio

    We continue to see a growth in need for mail and door hanger services with our church partners. Our momentum is inspiring our church partners to host more Outreach campaigns on a monthly basis, nationwide, which requires our team to depend more on Conquest’s services.

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  • Nonprofit Grant

    Having professionally printed advertising materials and trade show paraphernalia would elevate our message, increase our professional clout, and expand our reach throughout Florida and our target industries.

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  • Braille Circulating Library Used Case Study

    Print will always be recognized as a viable means for the Braille Circulating Library to communicate in advertising. It’s basic, it’s relational, and it can be read without relying upon electronic devices.

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  • Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.

    In our 5th year of publishing Musicwoman Magazine, we are pursuing a distribution deal to put the magazines at newsstands in airports around the country and the world. This would be a boon to our success and put these magazines in the hands of people, globally.

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  • Spartatroniks

    Our team also has taken pride in the community around us! We use weekly newsletters to explain to parents what their students have accomplished throughout the week. We also include a safety star in every newsletter, a student who was chosen for being especially safe that week.

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