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Upper Cumberland Baptist Association

Our organization has used the direct mail process more than needed due to the generational difference we have in our area. It is mostly the grandparents raising children in Harlan due to their parents becoming addicts. We understand that it is easier for the elders in our area to see it for themselves before signing their children up for camp. - Our goal for this summer is to not only send out direct mail to engage in the community and allow for more kids to come to camp, but allow them to have a free t-shirt along with their experience at Camp Howard. Our organization focus is to share the love of Jesus, one child at a time. In Harlan there are multiple opportunities for us to do that, but our summer camp is 100% free to all families that send their children our way and we would love to keep it that way. Harlan in this county is one of the poorest areas in Kentucky. Our mission is to not cause a financial burden but to drive kids away from the drug afflicted epidemic in this county. Through the process of print and direct mail, we will have the opportunity to reach more and allow the cases of addiction to decrease. Yet, our inspiration is rooted in the mission of spreading the eternal hope of Jesus that redemption is only a decision away from changing the rest of their life. We want more kids to have a getaway from they lives they are enduring. We want kids to have easy access to support systems outside of their family. We desire for kids to acknowledge that more than their close relatives cares for them. By us doing that we require an opportunity to gain a grant to reach more, so we can do more in the kids lives in this area. - As our camp has been closed for three years due to COVID, our numbers of campers has decreased drastically. We are wanting kids in the area to know that we are open and available to spend the summer with them doing things,like; recreations, worship, crafts, bible lessons and etc. We want the fun to correspond with the message of spreading the Gospel. Like we said before, the more kids who know we are open through the direct and printed mail have a chance of not being one of the statistics in this community, but an inspiration that the norm doesn't have to look the same for everyone. We desire for kids to grasp a firm understanding of their unique abilities and gifts to further their eyes beyond the mountains that surround them. - Our mission at Camp Howard or within the Upper Cumberland Baptist Association is for every child we encounter to know they are loved, they belong and that they have a purpose within their school, county or community. We asking for this grant not to benefit ourselves, but to benefit the younger generation in our community.

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