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Another Life Saved Organization

Another Life Saved Organization opened its doors in June of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we have been working hard ever since to serve homeless individuals in Baltimore City struggling with diseases of addiction and mental illness. We are a unique city with amazing health care systems and top-notch colleges and universities. Long before the opioid epidemic, Baltimore was plagued with poverty and drug addiction. It is a city that actively works toward decreasing the effects of generational addiction and violence.

Another Life Saved works hard in the community to help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and addiction. Printing and direct mail is an essential and crucial part of our on the ground outreach efforts to provide information, educate, and support resources for the services we offer. From flyers announcing our services and offering support to homeless individuals, family members, first responders, hospitals, and other community support organizations. We use printing and direct mail to let people know we are there to support them no matter what.

For clients, especially those starting the process of recovery, journaling becomes an important way to capture thoughts, feelings and ideas. We provide books, journals, arts/craft activities, and writing exercises to encourage and uplift. I don't believe many can imagine not having access to paper and a pencil. To restore that measure of simple dignity goes a very long way to rebuilding their lives. Within our programming we offer social opportunities like trips to museums, arts & crafts, hiking, swimming, etc. to offer alternatives to the dangers of the streets. Our intake forms and process for recovery and mental help support are constantly being updated and shared and having the ability to communicate with our clients without the benefit of walls and privacy makes the access to paper and print services something most of us are blessed to take for granted.

The temporary housing, we provide while clients are going through recovery is homelike but structured. From daily routines, printed codes of conduct, chore lists, and meal planning. We foster an environment where everyone pulls their weight. Especially for individuals that have been used to living with no structure and no roof over their head.

We were invited to exhibit at a Behavioral Health conference in February of 2024 and its our first formal event, having the ability to have banners, flyers, brochures would go a long way to ensure we are able to participate and exhibit alongside other service providers in a professional way. We would utilize this grant to create/print proper codes of conduct, orientation forms, house rules, journals for our clients, and essential materials for the upcoming conference. Our expectation is not that this grant solves our print needs, but that it would allow us to develop and have official documents/signage to support our outreach efforts. This grant and discount for print services would allow us to ensure our clients receive the support they need and keep the ability to let clients and the community know we are here.

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