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B-17 Alliance

For about 20 years, B-17 Alliance formerly the Wings of Freedom has used Conquest Graphics to produce promotional materials. The first and maybe the best thing we ever did was a “RACK” card. This is the 4 x9 card that targets tourist locations. We found Conquest Graphics because someone was doing a Golf Card. The pricing was affordable and we ended up printing several thousand of our own RACK cards.

If you’ve ever looked into it, the distribution process of putting RACK cards into specified motels and destination points is very expensive. As a non-profit with a slim budget, we worked around this by distributing our won RACK cards. Volunteers got permission from business owners and put them in lobbies, restaurants, small grocery stores, retail establishments and clubs. Since we are in the aviation industry we sent them to any business or FBO (Fixed Base Airport Operations) establishments. We also kept a stack available in the museum for guests to take a handful with them to distribute. This was one of the best advertisement campaigns we ever did.


The Rack card was a clean easy-to-read piece that immediately told the viewer who we were and what we offered. It was designed with eye-catching impactful images on the top of the card to grab the attention of the viewer and potential target audience.

The Rack card included contact information hours of operation and program information. It went straight to our mission to deliver a message that was compelling and drew guests to want to visit our location.

Right now, our non-profit continues to grow. We have a new logo, mission and vision statement and we are establishing a historical WWII Education Center that share the stories of our Greatest Generation and celebrates our Victory and the men & women who serve our country every day. The centerpiece to this education center is a too flight restoration of the B-17G Lacey Lady. This is an extensive process that requires precision, excellence, dedication and community support.

Since the pandemic the cost of doing business has nearly tripled. Insurance, rent and utilities have all skyrocketed. It has been crazy expensive. Luckily, due to our popularity, our following continues to increase, and we are able to pay the bills. We do however have a goal of 10,000 members! We need to meet this goal to get the Lacey Lady back in the skies. Currently there are 3000 in our database. Our Social Media following is 13,000 and we have a team working on turning those followers into supporters.

The Lacey Lady is a World War II B-17G Flying Fortress. She is one of less than 50 in the world remaining, one of less than 10 that are capable of flying and she has the lowest air miles of any B-17 in the World!

We need your help. Please consider helping us design and print a new RACK card. 10,000 is our goal to help us tell the world that B-17 Alliance is Honoring the American Spirit. A spirit that our communities need to know is still alive.

Under these wings...

  • We Preserve American History.
  • We Educate Generations.
  • We Inspire Community.
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