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Dive Pirates Foundation

Thank you Conquest Graphics! You have helped us communicate our message and we need more coming up! We have just completed our 19th year of sharing the freedom and mobility of diving with people with disabilities, especially our injured military, and we are gearing up to celebrate our 20th year in 2024! This means we will need invitations and programs for our annual gala, and an annual report just for starters!

Dive Pirates Foundation 

Because of you we have put such a professional foot forward, at Abilities Expos and trade show as we solicit new recipients, donors and chapters. You can have all of the internet and social media you want, you still need to hand someone something to get them there, and because of you our brochures have been our number one marketing tool. Through our brochures and being in person at expos we have been able to encounter face to face recipients, and the follow up rate has been very successful. It's a lot of information at once, and being able to hand someone something to refer back to, keep on their to do list, makes it much more real and tangible.

At our annual gala, our print graphics with the invitation help us create the program, and then the PowerPoint, etc. for a real consistent look across the board.

Its funny once the invitation takes shape, the rest of event really takes shape.

Being able to work with your team to upload graphics, and a mailing list to get our invitations out on time helps us reduce our costs in manpower and get our invitations out in a more timely manner. That helps us get a jump on table sponsors and create cash flow as the rest of the pieces and parts come together. The paper quality and the collaboration with the team has always produced something to be proud of, and it creates that buzz we need for a good event. We even had a donor frame of of the invitations as she loved the color and the graphic, I think that says a lot!

We are just getting back to pre-COVID numbers on our events and recipients, and are striving to get more at our fundraisers. It's amazing the impact that had, we survived, but we still have not fully recovered. Having a print grant to work with kept us moving in the right direction and allowed our profit margin for our gala to be higher, which is a big plus when convincing the board of directors and major donors that every dollar spent is considered and ties back to our mission; Sharing the freedom and mobility of diving with people of all abilities which is empowering, and leads to not only trying new things, but opens up a world of travel for people who didn't know how to travel with their disability before..

We would not be able to continue what we started 20 years ago today without relationships, and we are so grateful for the lasting relationship we have had with Conquest Graphics.

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