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Street Dog Hero

Hi, my name is Marianne Cox and I'm the founder of Street Dog Hero (SDH) - an animal welfare non profit that rescues dogs from around the world. One of our donors introduced me to this as she wants to create a calendar for SDH to help raise money.

Street Dog Hero

After a few meetings with her we know that the print costs of calendars is high so we have been looking at ways to bring that cost down so more money can go to our rescue efforts. Our donor found this and asked that I apply and of course, I said yes!

As for how we plan to use print and direct mail to promote our non profit and our mission - to start, this calendar we will sell at events all over the state of Oregon and on our website and socials. We'd also love to start doing direct mail campaigns which is something we have never done before but know it can be very effective if done right and at the right price point as printing and mailing is very expensive.

How has print and direct mail helped promote our message and the great things Street Dog Hero does? As I stated above we have not used print and direct mail before as it's never been at a price point that made sense for our organization but we would love to. It is something we have always wanted to do and this would be a great way to start with your help. We have a very important mission and message to share with people - a message that most people will be drawn to as dogs are very special to us all and no one wants to see them suffering, dying, being tortured, hurt, sick, mistreated, etc. It takes a village to help these dogs and with your help we can make a bigger difference in the lives of dogs (and their communities) around the world.

Because we rescue dogs from around the world there is MUCH to raise awareness about as dogs all over the world are living in conditions and treated in ways that most don't even realize and some turn a blind eye to. Our goal is to not only save these dogs but to stop it from happening and the one way to stop if all together is to educate people and to raise awareness. We do this every day on social media but not everyone is on social media and this is where the print and mailing is so important - having another way to reach people in a cost effective way would be amazing - to reach just one person who we haven't reached before and have them realize they too can help in some way and then they share w/ another dog loving person who also wants to help means we are helping and changing the lives for these dogs and future generations of dogs.

We would be honored and grateful to have your help. As would all the dogs AND the communities these dogs live in.

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