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The Advanced Guide To Solar Industry Marketing

Solar industry marketing. 

Solar energy is at high demand and that demand is continuously growing as more Americans are becoming aware of its benefits. With so many consumers looking for the right solar company, it is extremely important to market your brand in the most effective ways possible.

Luckily, we have created a guide specifically for the solar industry which includes the top marketing solutions for solar companies and the most popular solar marketing materials so you can reach potential customers and generate better results.

Effective Solar Industry Marketing Solutions

Solar marketing solutions to increase sales. 

To increase your sales and boost ROI your solar company needs to market in the most effective ways possible. From targeting interested and in-market potential solar customers, converting anonymous web traffic to simply making the ordering process of marketing materials easier. We have the marketing solutions your solar business needs to generate the best possible solar marketing outcome.

Intent-Driven Propensity Mailing

There are many key attributes that create the characteristics of your perfect audience. So, what if you could reach only the individuals who fall under those categories? With intent-Driven Direct Mail or Propensity Mailing, you can reach people who are interested in renewable energy, consumers who searched for your competitor, families who have a certain income or are environmentally conscious and everyone in between. This advanced mailing solution provides you access to data to help you reach people who are in-market or who are most likely interested in your solar services.

Proximity Mailing

Proximity Mailing 

Saturating an area with your brand is one of the most effective ways to get your solar name known and to stand out from competition. With Proximity Mailing you can do just that. By simply inputting your ideal customers’ addresses you can easily target the individuals who surround them and reach others that are interested in your services as well. Not only can you use a customer’s address as a starting point you can also use your company’s address to let potential customers know that you are nearby and ready to help them go solar.

Every Door Direct Mail

To grow your solar company, you need to differentiate yourself from other companies in a specific area. Especially if you are just starting out. That is why Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM has been so successful for solar companies. If you have identified an area that could benefit from your solar services, EDDM allows you to choose that mailing route or ZIP Code and gives you an affordable way to reach every potential customer on that mailing route without knowing their addresses.

This is a great way to reach a large audience and get your brand known before they find your competitors.

Mailbox Retargeting

Mailbox Retargeting for real estate marketing. 

As mentioned, and as you know, solar energy is becoming more and more popular. Which means more consumers are visiting your website on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, digital clutter and life events prevent many from taking action and many leave your site without returning. To bring those visitors back to your site you can use Mailbox Retargeting. This solution converts your anonymous web traffic and increases the chances of gaining more solar customers though well-timed and relevant emails and direct mail.

Ordering Portals

As your solar company grows, the need for better brand consistency and efficiency grows as well. That is why Ordering Portals or Web-To-Print Software is truly beneficial for solar companies. Ordering Portals are online store fronts that house all your company’s marketing materials to quickly manage, access, design and order print and direct mail materials. Your entire company can even effortlessly order their own marketing collateral saving you time while ensuring branding is in place.

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Popular Solar Marketing Materials

Printed marketing materials and direct mail pieces are crucial in raising brand awareness and growing clientele. This is because printed collateral isn’t bombarded with the same drawbacks that digital adverting has, including banner blindness and ad blocking technology. By sending, leaving behind, or handing out printed advertisements, you give your audience something tangible and more memorable to hang on to.

Postcards for solar industry marketing. 


When it comes to your direct mail campaign, postcards are highly recommended. This is because they are affordable, short, concise, easy to engage with and are suited perfectly for the solar industry. They can be implemented in your direct mail marketing campaign and help get your marketing message across in an effective way.


There is a lot of information to share about your solar business. Whether it is the details of what your company offers or the analysis for your prospects to learn more on the benefits of solar energy. Brochures have a variety of ways for you to display your information in an organized, professional and extremely cost-effective way.

Business Cards For Solar Companies 

Business Cards

As a business who has high demand services, it is important to provide your customers and prospects with a business card containing the necessary information they need to contact you. Business cards are a must have for your solar business and make networking so much easier. Business cards are also the perfect first impression so make sure yours are of high-quality and have a memorable design.


Flyers are perfect for showcasing images of your most successful solar installations, guides on pricing, a special offer on your solar services and information on solar energy or any upcoming deal you want to promote.

Door Hangers

Door hangers are impossible to ignore. You can hang door hangers on the doors of your target audience in certain areas to let them know you were in the neighborhood and can help them save money by switching to solar energy.

Yard signs for solar industry marketing. 

Yard Signs

Yard signs are another hard to miss marketing material and by implementing them into your marketing efforts, you can ensure that your brand is getting noticed and that your solar message is spreading successfully. You can place them in neighborhoods that you have found could benefit from your service or ask a customer if you could place one in their yard to boost your brand visibility in a local area.


Working on someone's home means printed paperwork is a given, so print them on custom letterhead to help your solar brands legitimacy. Letterhead is an affordable way to let customers know that you care about the small details.

Pocket Folders

Pocket folders are a great marketing touch to hand out to prospects and customers to hold on to any documentation or information about your solar business. They create a handy tool for your audience to keep everything organized while boosting you brand awareness whenever they need to look through the contents.

At Conquest Graphics we have a variety of solar industry marketing options for you to grow your business and get your solar name out there. Explore our solar marketing page by clicking below to learn more about the marketing solutions we offer and to browse our most popular solar marketing products.

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