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What Is Web-to-Print, How Does It Work and Why Should I Care?

What is Web to Print, how does it work, and how can Web to Print benefit me?

If your company takes advantage of printed marketing materials, direct mailers, or promotional products, you’ve likely heard of the term “Web to Print,” “Web2Print,” or “Web-to-Print Shop.”

But what exactly does that mean and how can this solution benefit you?

Web to Print companies provide online tools for easily creating and ordering consistent sales and marketing materials throughout your entire organization.

This is helpful to add consistency throughout your marketing campaigns and it can also help you save time and keep costs low. Some companies offering these solutions even provide complementary services as well.

Let’s take a deeper look into what Web to Print is, how it works and how these intuitive solutions can benefit you.

What is Web-To-Print?

Web-to-print is a service that provides print products and other branded materials via online storefronts. It’s also known as “remote publishing,” a “Wed to Print Portal,” “Ordering Portal,” Marketing Portal,” “Web to Print Shop,” or a “print e-commerce solution.”

Web to Print Solution 

Both businesses and the general public can take advantage of these services. Most often, businesses use these online print ordering systems to achieve a wide range of marketing goals.

Web to Print companies have been offering web to print services for decades and they became popular in the late 90s as e-commerce became more common. The practice began with files being transferred from the customer to the printer via email. This gave printers the ability to pursue business clientele far beyond their local geographic area.

Early on, costs were much higher due to expensive software and the high cost of owning and maintaining printing hardware. As technology has advanced and become more accessible, costs for web to print solutions have dropped significantly.

Today’s Web 2 Print software allows users to create templates for different print projects. This can include business cards, letterhead, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, direct mail materials, promotional products, and more.

These options are only a few clicks away, reducing the time, energy, and money spent creating and ordering the sales and marketing materials you need. There is even web to print design tools built into your Web to Print Portal so users can customize certain information including contact info on business cards or addresses on postcards while the overall branded design remains consistent.

How Does Web To Print Work?

Web2Print works by providing a tailor-made, online storefront that houses all your company’s sales and marketing materials. Any user you allow access, can visit the solution through their web browser and quickly place orders for materials like business cards, branded T-shirts, booklets, brochures, and more.

Postcard personalization using Web to Print design tool. 

Your company's branded design files are uploaded into the Web to Print solution and those files become visible to the end-user just like any other online storefront. It also allows for easy personalization with instant proofing. For example, if a user needs to change an image and address on a company postcard to reflect their location, they can easily choose the appropriate customized options and see the design before placing the order.

This provides control over the design and creation of marketing content while not compromising important branded elements. It also reduces the turnaround time during the printing process.

Orders placed through the Web to Print solution are also stored making reordering easier than ever while also providing users with tools to view the status of their orders.

Using the software may seem similar to desktop publishing software. However, you get the added capability to fill print orders through online platforms.

Streamlining the ordering and production of print through a Web to Print portal reduces the time spent on the most important aspects of your print projects. It also allows you to focus more on the final product.

Why Should You Care About Web-To-Print Solutions?

Web to Print offers many benefits that can help your organization save time and money. By creating a simple and efficient process for users, you can make the overall order experience far more productive.

The web to print software offers a friendly user interface, that even novice internet users will be able to use with ease.

Web to Print Portal System 

With reliable Web to Print companies, you can also count on robust layers of support and security, including secure online payment systems and a complete team of experts who are all trained in your specific Web to Print Portal.

Overall, Web to Print can benefit your organization in a variety of ways including:

  • Supports marketing needs of a large team
  • Ensures consistent branding
  • Easy user and brand asset management
  • Enables new hires to order their own materials
  • Makes global brand and design changes easy
  • Improves efficiency through streamlined ordering
  • Reduces waste by providing on-demand print ordering
  • Provides inventory storage and management
  • Easy phone number, address, logo and other personalization changes
  • Mailing to prospects and customers quickly and easily
  • Launching new brands and managing print and direct mail campaigns with ease

Using a Web-To-Print Portal

Web-to-Print Portals help increase efficiency when producing company-wide, standardized printed materials. This option makes it easy to manage print materials while staying consistent with your marketing strategy.

Portals add the ability to control who has access to your Web to Print solution and what materials each user has access to, but also what content is editable, such as names and phone number fields. This allows for personalization but keeps standardization in place for other aspects including the layout, logo, colors, and other essential branded elements.

The use of Web-to-Print as a primary printing method creates an efficient and cost-effective way to have all your marketing needs met.

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