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How Direct Mail Management Software Works

Direct Mail Management Software

Consumers are more distracted than ever before and online marketing, like email and pop-up ads, have hit an all-time high meaning your online advertisements are being ignored or lost in the digital clutter.

Which means it’s time to take a new spin on an old strategy, so you can get noticed and start increasing your results.

Introducing Direct Mail Management Software: Direct mail marketing meets automation software for the physical, guaranteed to be seen advantage of direct mail and the trackable, personalized, data-driven, and automated advantage of modern technology.

What is Direct Mail Management Software?

Direct Mail Management Software—or “Direct Mail Automation Software”—includes programmatic solutions like API-generated orders and Direct Mail CRM Integration.

Direct Mail Marketing Management

But what does all that mean?

Basically, Direct Mail Management Software allows you to effortlessly create, personalize, and send automated direct mail to a targeted audience while being able to track your responses.

Within the category of automated direct mail, there are a few tools that include the following:

  • CRM Integration so direct mail can be sent as easily as an email
  • API-generated print and direct mail so orders can be placed directly from your platform using your database
  • Simple and easy to use personalization tools
  • Triggered and on-demand direct mail for affordably sending as little as 1 postcard
  • Tracking on delivery and responses of each direct mail piece

How Does Direct Mail Management Software Work?

Often times Direct Mail Management Software works in a CRM or Marketing Automation platform like HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.

It connects directly to your database to connect your system with your print and direct mail provider’s and works just like your email marketing. For example, within your CRM you may have email templates set up to send based on a certain event like if someone signs up for your newsletter a thank you email is automatically sent to them.

Connecting your database with your printers for faster and easier direct mail marketing campaigns.

With Direct Mail Automation you can do this exact same thing but with direct mail.

You can either send a certain postcard with a click of a button or set up triggers so when someone sets off that trigger it gets sent to your printer, and your printer then prepares and delivers that postcard to your contact.

Better yet, you can set up automated campaigns that go alongside your email marketing to enhance your marketing message even more. For example, if an email is sent, you set up a trigger so a postcard is sent 2 days after the email is sent, and then once they receive your postcard, a follow-up email can be sent 2 days after that, and so on.

Automated direct mail works in other ways as well. With Direct Mail Management Software, there are different solutions giving you the ability to tailor your marketing campaign to meet the needs of your business.

For example, rather than automating your direct mail through your CRM or Marketing Automation platform, you can take advantage of Direct Mail Retargeting, or Mailbox Retargeting. This is where direct mail and email are automatically sent to website visitors.

So, if an anonymous website visitor visits your website and takes an action like abandoning their shopping cart, viewing a certain product for more than 10 minutes but then leaves, or forgets to press submit on the subscription sign up, they receive a marketing message from you both physically and digitally increasing the chances they come back to your website.

How Does Direct Mail Management Software Allow Me to Track?

Gaining a better understanding of what happens to your marketing campaigns after they are sent out is so important. It allows you to see where your results are coming from and helps you understand what works and what doesn’t so you can tailor other campaigns to gain better results.

To easily track your direct mail delivery and results there are a few options you can use:

Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB): This is a barcode placed at the bottom of a direct mail piece that is used to track the progress of individual mailed pieces.

Personalized URLs (pURLs): PURLs are unique URLs that are printed onto your direct mail and can track what actions your recipients take.

QR Code Tracking: When you include a QR code on your direct mail piece you can track who scans and visits your website thus essentially tracking who responds to your marketing message.

Coupon Tracking: This can be done in a more traditional sense where you include an offer and your recipients need to bring in the coupon at the time of purchase, or you can include a special coupon code so anyone who uses that code, you know they responded to your direct mail piece.

How Direct Mail  Management Software helps you track delivery and responses.

What Are the Benefits of Direct Mail Management Software?

There are many benefits of Direct Mail Management Software or Direct Mail Automation Software including:

  • Increasing your ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Builds better brand visibility and awareness
  • Strengthens customer engagement and relationships
  • Brings anonymous website visitors back to your site
  • Speeds up the entire direct mail marketing process
  • Customization abilities for more personal campaigns 
  • Better results than email and other online advertisements combined
  • Bypasses all digital noise to avoid the clutter
  • Trackable results to enhance and manage campaigns
  • Small batch and on-demand printing
Send direct mail as easy as an email.

The other thing is, if you’re thinking all these benefits sound amazing but are worried about the price of direct mail, don’t worry.

Thanks to Direct Mail Commingling, sending triggered or on-demand and automated mailers like postcards is extremely affordable. This is because commingling takes your 1 mailer or even 100 mailers and combines them with other companies so bulk mailing discounts are applied to even your single mailer meaning your spending only cents per mail piece.

Different automation solutions may be better suited for certain companies, for example, Mailbox Retargeting although extremely powerful, is only ideal if your company has high website traffic. However Direct Mail CRM Integration is an affordable automated solution for any size company or budget.

If you’re interested in the power of Direct Mail Management Software like CRM Integration, click the button below to schedule a meeting with one of our experts today!

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