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Keyword Listening

Keyword Listening  

From Searches to Sales

Have you ever wondered how many people search for your product or service or even your competitor but never reach you?

Well, now you can retarget those individuals through real-time data signals that identify and reach in-market, ready to buy shoppers who, moments earlier, just searched for a product or service your sell or your competitor.

What is Keyword Listening?

Keyword Listening—also known as "Search Retargeting" or "Digital Listening”—leverages intent data to identify potential customers who have not engaged with you yet and may have already shopped your competitor.

This precision of Keyword Listening allows you to follow up with individuals who have searched industry and competitor keywords via relevant and well-timed email and/or direct mail.

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Extensive Database

Resolve identities from billions of consumer data points to reach the people searching for your keywords.

Ensured Privacy

With privacy regulations intact, you can ensure that your Keyword searchers’ information is safe and secure.

Combined Marketing

Send well-timed relevant emails along with direct mail marketing pieces for an effective retargeting strategy.

Faster Retargeting

With our advanced technology, print and mailing capabilities, your campaign is quickly launched.

Is Keyword Listening right for me?

Keyword Listening uses a database—Conquest’s Identity Graph—to stitch together all known Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and resolves Identities from billions of customer data points. With being such a comprehensive solution, there are a few questions you should ask to decide if Keyword Listening is right for you:

  • Do you want to increase your online sales?
  • Do you want to gain more leads?
  • Would you like to avoid costly PPC campaigns?
Visualizing Mailbox Retargeting

Let's Get Started

Schedule a Demo

Let’s meet in person or do a screenshare, we would love to show you how our Keyword Listening can benefit your business.


Choose from a variety of industry keywords. We will begin “listening” and our Identity Graph will begin resolving potential customers.

Start Retargeting

Once searchers have been identified emails and/or your direct mail piece will be sent to their residential addresses.

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