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Drive Time Mailing

Market to interested individuals who are only a short drive away.

Reach a targeted audience who lives only 10 minutes away from your location. 

What is Drive Time Mailing?

Drive Time Mailing—also known as “Drive Time Mapping”—pairs with Propensity Mailing, or Intent-Driven Direct Mailing, and uses drive time analysis so you can choose a certain driving distance away from your business’s location and reach interested individuals who live within that distance. From 5 minutes to 60 minutes, Drive Time Mailing follows road networks and takes account of urban and rural areas along with traffic lights, speed limits, and physical obstacles.

Consumers are more likely to shop, eat out, and visit places that are close by. That is why Drive Time Mailing is an extremely successful strategy when paired with Propensity Mailing. It allows you to reach an audience who is most likely interested in what your company has to offer while also persuading them to visit your location based on certain driving distances.

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1. Target a Group

From interests, demographics, buying activity, and more, choose an audience who most likely is interested in your business.

2. Select a Drive Time

Drive time analysis uses all factors that determine a drive time so you can reach people who live 5, 10, or 15-minutes away.

3. Start Marketing

After your direct mail materials are designed and ordered, your campaign is launched and quickly arrives in your audiences’ hands.

4. Sit Back

You have successfully reached the right audience with the right distance, now it’s time to sit back and welcome your new customers.

Propensity With Drive Time Examples

Propensity Categories

Propensity Examples

Drive Time Examples

Winery People interested in wine. 10-minute drive
Campground Individuals who enjoy camping. 60-minute drive
Brewery Consumers interested in beer. 5-minute drive
Museum People interested in arts and culture. 15-minute drive

Frequently Asked Questions

Proximity Mailing, or Radius mailing creates a circle around your location that is created by an X number of miles. Within this radius, it does not account for road systems or highway networks. This means one person on one side of your radius may live 30 minutes away while another on the equal, opposite side may live 10 minutes away from your location. Drive Time Mapping, however, does not create a perfect circle. It follows road networks and takes account of urban and rural areas along with traffic lights, speed limits, physical obstacles, etc. This allows you to target an audience who lives as little as a few minutes to a couple of hours away from your location.

Drive Time Mailing works alongside Propensity Mailing or Intent-Driven Direct Mailing. This way you can not only target an audience that is a close drive away, but you can also reach an audience who is most likely interested in what your company has to offer. For example, if you own a winery, you could target individuals who show interest in wine, are of a certain age and gender, but who also live only 10 minutes away from your winery.

Drive Time Mailing is especially beneficial when you are looking to target a specific audience who is most likely interested in what your business has to offer, but your location could persuade them to visit you even more. This is a critical marketing strategy when you have a business where consumers need to visit you. For example, restaurants, movie theaters, retail stores, wineries, breweries, parks, museums, and more. This is because distance is an important factor for people when considering whether or not to visit a place.

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