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CG Rewards
Nonprofit Grant Program

  • BizWorld

    We print our students' booklets to accomplish our mission, event invitation, programs and annual reports to report the impact of our mission to the donors and supporters.

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  • League of United Latin American Citizens

    Giving back to our young leaders through local community support by printing presentation packets to mail to local business and organizations interested in working with and donating to our council. Our council host several annual community events that require us to use flyers and mailers to get the community involved.

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  • Chronic Warriors Org, Inc.

    Greeting cards deliver hope + cheer via snail mail to patients (we call them warriors!) who are alone and isolated worldwide. Each month, we run the Chronic Warrior Card Swap, a global event where those with illnesses send cards to uplift and encourage each other. With a printing grant, we could give out coloring cards that warriors could color and decorate in their own style and then send off to a fellow warrior!

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  • Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.

    This generous printing grant from Conquest Graphics enabled us to brand our company, Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc. in a publication that was 10 years in the making. This grant brought our dream to fruition. Now, we can gather more stories and anecdotes for future issues. Meanwhile, members get to enjoy these publications as a benefit of their membership. Non-members get the magazine for a nominal fee that keeps our earnings flowing.

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  • Lake Lundgren Bible Camp

    Where our marketing and print needs come into play is simply a way to educate people about the options that are here for them to experience. On an annual basis we currently send out 3 printed brochures that outline our programs and show potential attendees what the benefits of time away at camp can be. We also send out a variety of other smaller mailings that inform our donor database about options to invest in financially, or we send out special updates.

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  • Citizens of Radioactive Radon Reduction Logo Image

    We are hoping that this year, with a grant from Conquest Graphics, we will be able to extend our reach to additional states. The grant will help with printing and distribution efforts to “under-funded” schools in high radon level states.

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  • Soldiers Delight Conservations, Inc. Use Case Study

    In short, printed matter is still king, even with the internet and cellphones, because of its immediacy. People love having something they can hold on to. We are always looking to do more with print.

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  • The League of Utah Writers Use Case Study

    We use print in a number of ways. First, we have programs at our events that help writers connect to the guests and programming that we have. We use flyers and mailers to attract would-be writers into joining the community. As a group of writers, we also publish books that help bring out community together.

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  • Hippo Valley Christian Mission Used Case Study

    As a smaller nonprofit it can be tempting to cut the printing budget when times get tough. During these times, the printing grant with Conquest Graphics becomes even more beneficial. Last year we utilized the printing grant in many ways and look forward to participating in the contest again this year!

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  • The Bundy Museum of History and Art Use Case Study

    Folks are inundated with email these days, and not everyone follows us on Facebook and Instagram. We don't tend to use direct mail nearly enough, but we know that it's an important and overlooked way to keep the Bundy Museum and our events and programs at the forefront of people's minds.

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  • Journey Christian Church Used Case Study

    Leading up to a big message series, we will send out a mass communication using a postcard to home addresses that we DON'T have in our database. This method has helped us to get the word out to those in our surrounding community who may not be connected to our church or any church.

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  • Mississippi Center for Re-Entry Used Case Study

    Direct mail has been proven to increase an organization's brand awareness and increase donations. As many other organizations within the state and nationally, our revenue was hit hard due to COVID-19. We will use the print grant to print our newsletters, flyers, brochures, post cards and for direct mailing. Our newsletters provide more detailed information about our organization to our donors, community partners and currently incarcerated individuals.

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  • Children and The Earth Use Case Study

    We put posters up throughout all of Utah, and the 50 or so kids we assist at Ride the Brainwave, We print individual personalized flyers for each child which includes their stories. The families then distribute to all their friends and family and put it all over social media. We also use flyers for all of our events.

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  • Ohio Bible Conference Used Case Study

    Without print and direct mail, especially for our older community, many would no longer be engaged with what we do. Printing helps us to stay connected, to remind people of opportunities to volunteer in the ministry, to invite others to attend events, to give and support us financially and more.

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  • The Garden State Film Festival Use Case Study

    Each year, The Garden State Film Festival prints a program with an event schedule, synopsis of each film playing in the festival, honoring award winners, and ads of local businesses that support the GSFF. The printed program is essential to artists participating in the program and attendees to know where to go each day and time of the festival.

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  • Youth Outreach Services Use Case Study

    Youth Outreach Services can use Conquest's printing services for business cards for the Staff and students as they graduate from the job readiness program in areas of mentoring and creating education awareness literature as they research and evaluate the success of the program to give to policy maker on YOS statistic on reducing recidivism and building a safe and flourishing community.

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  • Freckles and Friends Use Case Study

    We have been getting printed seasonal postcards from Conquest graphics to send and drop off to potential places like schools, churches and neighbors and friends to get out the word about our Animal Sanctuary.

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  • Family Promise of Great Chattanooga Use Case Study

    Mail is a direct connection to our donors. It's the invitation into their heart-- as home is truly is where the heart is. People want to be included and often feel forgotten about when the only time they are contacted by a non-profit organization is when there is an ask is involved. We seek to establish relationships and long time stakeholders that feel connection with our organization.

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