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Hippo Valley Christian Mission

Hippo Valley Christian Mission Used Case Study 

As a smaller nonprofit it can be tempting to cut the printing budget when times get tough. During these times, the printing grant with Conquest Graphics becomes even more beneficial. Last year we utilized the printing grant in many ways and look forward to participating in the contest again this year!

We use print material to update our supporters about our work in Zimbabwe and share current needs and ways to get involved. In 2021, we are restructuring our operations in Zimbabwe as the mission has grown. Our supporters receive regular newsletters that provide information about these changes as well as how the pandemic has affected many areas of life. The newsletters are sent electronically, but so many of our supporters still want the physical paper in their hands. The print grant allows us to provide this to our supporters.

Printed flyers are often utilized when we present the mission at churches and conventions. These flyers invite people to come serve with us in Zimbabwe with information about how to do so. We also use them for promoting our Mission Thrift Store. Those flyers encourage churches to organize a donation drive to maintain the flow of items into our store. It shares what items are accepted and how to organize pickup and drop-off.

Additionally, our printed brochures allow us to share about our ministry in a clear and concise way with new churches and individuals. They are easy to have on hand when someone wants to know more about our child sponsorship program, our orphanage, schools or the mission in general. Brochures are a great tool for expanding our support base and sharing about our ministry.

The printed materials are also used to enhance our programming. Last summer, we created an activity that allowed children at a summer camp we were working with to encourage our orphans in Zimbabwe. The top portion included a picture along with information about the orphan and the bottom provided space for the camper to write a note to that specific orphan. The camper kept the top to remember to pray for that child and hopefully share with their families after camp. The bottom was sent over to our orphanage in Zimbabwe to share with our orphans.

Next, we are looking to utilize some direct mailings to advertise our Mission Thrift Store. The thrift store proceeds support our ministry in Zimbabwe and offers a great resource for our community. Supporting churches along with people in our community donate the items. These items are then sold to the people of our surrounding communities. It has been a great resource for our mission and community. We already promote the thrift store through our printed materials, but are excited to try direct mail to further our community engagement.

Printed material is very important for our mission. We were grateful to receive printing grants in the past and are hopeful to receive another in the future. This grant allows us to connect with people in our community and abroad.

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