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The Bundy Museum of History and Art

The Bundy Museum of History and Art Use Case Study 

The Bundy Museum of History and Art presents local history, art, performances, concerts, workshops and classes at the historic Harlow E. Bundy House and carriage house (Annex). Our community darkroom and gallery space, community radio station, and literary center offer enriching programs too.

Our audience is both local and global; we maintain a strong web presence with our virtual gallery tours that highlight local art every month. WBDY-LP 99.5 FM is our radio station, presenting local and national programs over the local airwaves and soon to be streaming online to reach people all over the world! From poetry to artist interviews, current events and updates from other local non-profits, WBDY has become an essential part of Binghamton's art and culture scene. People want to have our radio schedule on their fridge or at their fingertips. Getting the word out about photography workshops, art exhibits, tours, and all our other programs is essential.

Folks are inundated with email these days, and not everyone follows us on Facebook and Instagram. We don't tend to use direct mail nearly enough, but we know that it's an important and overlooked way to keep the Bundy Museum and our events and programs at the forefront of people's minds.

We would love to send postcards out to our mailing list on a regular basis to promote our events; we want to print and send our newsletters to folks who don't look at them in emails. We have depended on Conquest Graphics' Nonprofit Grant program for years to enable us to update our brochures, print postcards to promote new programs, and print our popular bookmark. With our roster of programs expanding, we need to do all of that, and more. For our new literary center, WordPlace, we want to design and print a variety of bookmarks that tell of upcoming events and resources for poets and writers. For Binghamton Photo Darkroom, we want to send out mailers about our membership program and film developing services. For WBDY, we'd love to send out radio schedules and information about our underwriting program. For the Bundy Museum as a whole, we want to send out monthly newsletters, artful exhibit announcements that people will want to keep and hang up in their homes and offices, and booklets highlighting house tours and history vignettes.

Last but not least - we really need to reach our community for support. We need to design, print, and mail solicitation letters with handy donation envelopes that will invite people to give generously to help support this small but mighty local museum. We are a resource for artists and creative people of all stripes; we offer 3 art galleries, a stage, a darkroom, and a radio station - all to be used as platforms for creativity and artistic outlet. We are open and welcoming to everyone, but so many in our community still do not know much about the Bundy Museum. Surely direct mail can help increase the public's awareness and appreciation for this important local treasure.

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